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May 2, 2007

{     The Teenagers     }    


The Teenagers get a bad rap because of their filthy mouths. Their filthy, filthy French mouths. But the thing is, I like filth, so I love The Teenagers.

Friends since high school, a band since 2005, the three members of The Teenagers are stylish, sly, casual and naive with themselves and their sound. They're greasy, yet breezy. Offensive, yet endearing. Misogynistic, but maybe just misunderstood. Or possibly they're understood perfectly. When asked about the cursing in 'Homecoming,' a member simply shrugged and said that he had no idea 'cunt' was so explicit in English. I'll refrain from quoting any lyrics not because they might offend you, but because it would ruin the surprise, or worse, cause you to not even listen.

But yeah, the music is wonderful and simple, poppy, casual goodness, just right for this time of year. Just right for late-night dancing on the porch or looking at one another with licking lips.

"Homecoming" is the one that you've heard, and if you've haven't then you'll soon love. "Sunset Beach" is the one for the mixtapes. The one you'll play for the girl. The one that feels like walking through tall grass in the sun, but has the perfect dark twist. "Starlett Johansson" is about just what you think it is. But better. Oh my god, so much better.

Is it bad that I normally never pay attention to lyrics, nor care about them at all really, but now that I have The Teenagers I just can't stop paying attention? Their January '08 album can't come soon enough...

     » The Teenagers (MySpace)
     » The Teenagers Remixes (MySpace)
     » The Teenagers' blog
     » "Homecoming" video by Kinga Burza


Man, good call on these guys!

Posted by: A.J. at May 2, 2007 5:35 PM

I love their songs. Who says everything out there has to be clean. Some words just express feelings better.

Posted by: reece at May 13, 2007 10:02 PM
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