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April 16, 2007

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Feeling hungry? Sure you are, but you don’t want just anything. You want something “Yummy.” Enter Yummy Industries. Founded in 1998 by Francesca and Bernhard “for the purpose of exploring and defining the fine line that runs between science and nonsense,” Yummy Industries has done a great job of turning conventional fashion ideals on their ears.

Sporting an absolutely amazing line of belts, they make keeping your pants up an artistic expression. In all seriousness, their ability to keep a flowing artistic design in the confines of the belt’s “canvas” is really unique achievement. Never mind the buckle hoppers of the past few years, these folks really know how to make accessories into art.

If you’re not content with that gigantic contribution to the individualistic spirit, perhaps you should check out their amazing line of “Keyties.” Keyties take unique print ties and make them into a great way to carry your keys around. I personally leave the tip of my Keytie hanging out of my pocket for that “I just got out of work and shoved my tie in my pocket” look. Of course such a suggested course of action could lead to the slight of hand key grabbers, so buyers beware the sticky fingered folk who want to nab not just your “tie” but your keys.

Finally, one more item of interest I want to bring up is a really unique toy/game made by Yummy Industries called “Wood You Play?”. It’s fantastic little block of wood with a design of either a boy or girl on them. It’s a game of skill that will only require the afore mentioned “block” and a table. The object is to get the block of wood to land in a certain way to attain the most points. Personally, I just find them cool.

What can I say though, if you’re looking for cool (besides stopping here) be sure to hit up Yummy Industries for more great finds you didn’t know you’d need.

Check out Yummy Industries...

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