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April 7, 2007

{     Upper Playground     }    


“I want to play.” That would be what I would say if a real playground existed the likes of Upper Playground. Slammin’ with unique and flavorful products, the San Fran based treat Upper Playground has been delivering goods to the masses. From their great line of illustration driven apparel for the mens and the womens, they got you covered from season to season.

Recently I got my hands on a few choice items from Upper Playground. The first of which was the “Scooters Carry On Bag.” This bag is a quality vinyl carry on bag that is decorated in the style that only UP would think of, with our bi-wheeling icons emboldened on it’s skin. A worthy buy for the frequent flyer. Next up, I got to trot the cold in style with a sweet wool jacket (made all the sweeter by the work of Dora Drimalas). This was perfect for the northeastern weather which doesn’t seem to realize spring is about sunshine and short sleeves, not mid-month snowfall. It’s a wooly, so be sure to be scratching without a long sleeve underneath. Finally, to rest my weary head upon I managed to snag two awesome pillows you could only find at Upper Playground. These works of art are made of a durable material that still is functional while sprucing up your pad.

To add to their already magnetic appeal, when you stop by their web hub to shop you can also catch Upper Playground Films whose mission is to “introduce and highlight the work and personalities influencing the contemporary art culture.” With a unique series of films that are created to connect audiences to “world-recognized artists and designers as well as exposing emerging talents.” Still not satisfied? Check this: Upper Playground’s Blog featuring contemporary artwork from fashion to murals to real deal expos. Updated regularly, this blog is a great hookup for those looking for more on the contemporary artist platform. If you’re still not full, after all what’s dinner without dessert, they have sections covering some of the coolest art books, galleries, and even some mind blowing furniture.

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did you notice they recently took over juxtapoz magazine? i believe the reigns were handed over at the end of last year. i'm not sure what to think - on one hand UP offers excellent product, but on another they've turned my favorite magazine into a sounding board for only *their* brand/gallery/artists.

Posted by: soma at April 8, 2007 8:11 AM

This is something I was unaware of and, if they are that singular, is crappy.

Posted by: A.J at April 11, 2007 10:10 PM
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