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February 24, 2006

{     The Shins - Wincing The Night Away     }    


I know, you remember how it all started. You were hip to the Shins when their first EP came out, the same way you heard about Coldplay before the song “Yellow” plastered the airwaves and everyone was declaring Coldplay the best band since the Beatles. Well, welcome to defcon 1 again because the Shins’ latest album Wincing The Night Away is unbelievably good. Proving once again that talent can succeed in a time where American Idols are ripping through the American airwaves, The Shins latest album is literally flawless in terms of good songs from start to end.

Still, among the jewels in this album the tracks that stand out as my absolute favorites are “Turn On Me” with “Australia” closing in as a close second. Now I know you might think because The Shins are gaining such a heartfelt acceptance by the bigger audience that they’ve lost a little appeal but if you truly believe that good music is good music no matter how big the audience, then go get yourself Wincing The Night Away. Believe me, you won’t be sorry.

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Yo AJ, I grew up with Dave Hernandez of the Shins in back New Mexico years before the shins were even a dream. Ya see, Dave used to play in this pop-punk band called "scared of chaka" with one of my first childhood friends, Damion Wagner. Damion left in 97 and Dave continued for a few until the shins came calling. So my history gives me some room to talk and don't me wrong my loyalties do reside with the Shins and Dave... The Shins last album and the first Dave played on was a true treasure that I lived by for years. Unfortunately this New record falls way short. It is true the Coldplays "Parachutes" was a gem but they have made a steady decline ever since, and the fact that you made the comparison is troubling. So to be clear, the Shins failed and lost that optimistic upbeat flair that the last record was just oozing. There may be a track or two that I can bare but the entire album as a whole is a real disappointment. I think this post is better suited for, or hey, maybe A.J.'s dozen.

Posted by: Manuel C12 at February 24, 2007 4:57 PM

Well, I could argue all I want about the reasons behind my opinion but the truth is despite writing what is good and what is bad, opinion in the end is objective. A lot of people who haven't followed the band since the get go might find this album a refreshing change of pace. In the same likeness, I personally welcomed Coldplay's change of pace. I like happy music, I like somber music but artists should be allowed to explore new styles of emoting with their music (be it upbeat or melancholy). In the end all I want to do is get people interested in finding something new, hopefully something meaningful with the music I share.

Posted by: AJ at February 24, 2007 9:42 PM
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