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January 11, 2004

{     Fugazi     }    

Fugazi. Straight up, they just give it to you. Period. They don't just play the typical 3-chord punk rock. Far from it. They have crafted a sound that they can call their own. I like the fact that they sound live all of the time. Record or show. Truly one of the very most important units of the last twenty years. The lyrics are brilliant. Because they are strong but wide open and vague, everyone interprets them their own way. You can just hear the energy. A lot of musicians just don't put that much into it. Energetic. The crowd is just as important as they are to them. They have done a tremendous amount of good for the people. They have played countless benefits just because they truly care. Most rock stars do charity work or benefits just to increase their status and to have all kinds of media attention not because they really believe in their cause. They play five-dollar shows always and always all ages so everyone has an opportunity to witness them, everything is through their idealism and efforts. They play so hard for five bucks a lot of bands make people pay 20 bucks and up and don't even acknowledge their fans. They are beyond the farce of definition called rock and roll. They don't fit a mold. I really don't see why anyone wouldn't like them. Everything is left up to the individual. I believe that they do really care about their fans who support them by coming to the shows and show energy to therefore the band receives energy. The songs off any of their 7 albums could be on any order of the seven. They keep a sound but always progress. You are hearing the sound of noise. You hear the noise...........listen there is something alive in the noise. There is something dying in the noise. A sound of disaffection, curiosity, anguish, and you hear the newest one and you can hear in 14 years of their own chemistry getting only more strong and potent. These guys have learned each other's chemistries and they have advanced each time you hear something new from them. Every time, they come up with something completely new using the same old tools. That's one thing that's great is I can write the same essay five years from now and it won't sound dated at all. The point is you can't really decipher which songs should belong on which albums because it's all one continuous song and any song could fit on any album.

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wow that was long winded...but yes Fugazi is a great band.

Posted by: jonathan parrott at February 25, 2004 1:22 PM
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