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September 15, 2006

{     Hint Mint     } It is not until you have an unwrapped package of these mints in your hands that you realize how superior they are compared to any other candy cousin. The pictures on the website are great. But still not an honest portrait of the sheer, elegant perfection of these mints. I premise I am not a candy lover, but there was something about Hint Mint that made me want to fight to have them (depending on where you are, they can be really hard to find!), and the efforts were more than rewarded. Hint Mints are proudly made in Los Angeles, where, in 1999, Cooper Bates and Harley Cross, both players in, you guessed it right, the Hollywood game, decided that glamourous world needed something more. Whether bad breath was a real, detectable problem in that golden society, they are too discreet to disclose. What is confirmed is that they started on the quest of making the most beautiful mints on the planet. And in my opinion they fully succeed. Hint Mints are really two things in one. What is almost the excuse for buying are the big, round mints, coming in 5 flavours (peppermint, cinnamint, chocolate mint, the super delicious licorice mint and the new green tea mint), embossed with their trademark leaf, all certified kosher and vegan and, of course, also available sugar free. And then, there is the packaging, which can as well be the ultimate reason for you to want these: a slick, beautiful, matte tin resemblant of 1920's cigarette metal holders, ergonomically curved and designed with a second life in mind, when the mints have all gone down your throat. The tin is in fact purpously designed to fit your notes, coins and even cards, doubling as a superb metal wallet. And did I mention the tins are curved to fit into the back pocket of your jeans? Is that all? No, that's not all. Not only Hint Mints are against animal cruelty (they have been vegan right from the start), but they care about saving the world: 100% of the profits of two special edition tins are donated to the H.I.V. fighting organization Youth AIDS and brest cancer associations like Walk for hope and the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. that't not it yet. Harley and Cooper are all about style. And therefore, they started an artist series as well. "As everybody else" you are thinking? Not really. The classic tins are already true works of art: the design is a clear tribute to classical French Art Noveau and nothing is less than perfect in its curved lines. The golden/copper colour of the classic chocolate mint tin so rich it's hard not to fall in love with it. the artist series takes these mints to yet another level. Previous featured artists span from Shrek art director Douglas Roger to hyped undeground artists. Last year collection (still available on Hint Mint official site) by Shag, takes you back in time with 60s inspired designs able to fool anybody: you would not really know you have in your hand a 21st century product! The slick black cat, the tuxedo wearing jazz musicians, vespas are all such a perfect interpretation of that era and fit perfectly on a tin that resembles so much vintage metal cigarette boxes. Both the artist series and the holiday editions are tin collectors must-haves sure to impress anybody you will consider important enough to be offered one of these mints. And for 2006, Hint Mint has yet again nailed what's hot. Gary Baseman himself designed the Artist Series as well as the Holiday Edition. And his large mouthed creatures look stunning on these tins(first photo above). Which may as well be the cheapest pieces of Baseman art on the market! For now in (selected) stores it is only available the artist series, composed of three flavours matched to three designs: Music Kitty, the devilish Cinna Hot Chachacha and Walking Kaiju. All animated by a Baseman trademark creature. A pretty beautiful evolution for your sweet tooth and candy addiction! If you add that these mints can be found in many red carpet events distributed by scantly dressed girls with cigarette trays you have the full picture of how cool these sweeties are. As their payoffs state, not only "you need this mint", but "Hint Mint is dedicated to bringing you fresh breath with unparalleled style". And this final promise is definitely kept. Oh yes, it's Hollywood baby!

     » Look, drool and buy on Hint Mint website


I can't wait to munch on these artist-series mints while splashing it down with a cool drink of my artist-series Perrier. Will I have to open the tin with my artist-series Swiss Army Knife? That thing is so handy.

Posted by: Crazy About Artist Series at September 16, 2006 12:57 AM

No need to use the army knife (or any other kind): the tin slides open gracefully without any effort.
But I do suggest you to use that knife to cut your veins in case you do not get your hands on one of these...

Posted by: Tacita at September 16, 2006 10:26 AM
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