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September 12, 2006

{     Zero Camera     }, did you know that you actually do not need a lens in your camera? The lens is used to collimate the light from the outside on the film inside. But that same function can be achieved by a small pin hole as well, able, due to the all-mighty laws of optical physics, to actually act as a lens and collimate the rays of light. This is the principle at the basis of the birth of the first cameras ever produced and also of Camerae Obscurae, dating back to no less than the 16th century. Nowadays, lens allow more functions but the pleasure of going lens free, using the earliest principles of photography, allowing light in with a 0.2 mm hole is a very satisfying feeling. And these slick lens-free pinhole cameras are surely a needed corollary to that 19th century allure. Three different models are sold: the convenient Zero Image Pinhole 35mm (140 euros) and the two medium format (60mm) Zero Image Pinhole (165 euros) and the gorgeous Zero Image Pinhole Deluxe (320 euros). The Deluxe models offers a format selection of 6x4, 6x6, 6x7, or 6x9 images and a fantastic bubble-level help straightening composition. All have an adaptor accepting a standard cable release. Bult in lacquered Thai teak wood, with brass metal parts, these beautiful, classic marvels are easy to use yet fully functional. The operating instructions are deadly simple: manually open the shutter for approximately 2 second, close. A quickly glance at the exposure dial is totally optional. There is no viewfinder to tell you what eactly is that your are shooting. And this where the fun is! While not cheap, the price reflects the the fact they are all assembled by hand and that each one is calibrated by Zernike Au, creator of the Zero Image Pinhole and one of the premier pinhole photographers in the world. They also come with an engraved numbered serial plate and hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity to make these wooden boxes more precious. As they righfully describe them,
With a simple and elegant design, the Zero Image Pinhole cameras take photography back to its very roots. Color images are banging with vibrancy and black and white is teeming with heavy contrast.
and indeed the photos taken with these ancient boxes glow of a beautifully last century modernity! Sold by Lomo (why am I not surprised?), they surely will enter in my Christmas list. Too bad Christmas is so far away...

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omg, i want one now!

Posted by: shane at September 12, 2006 6:38 PM
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