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September 7, 2006

{     Mimobots: your notebook best friend     } They claim to be arriving from planet blõôh located in galaxy 4210, but in my opinion these glorious electronic toys were forged in the land of Oz by the Witch of The East herself (whether these would be friends or not with Dorothy, is arguable though). Mimobots are by far the smartest electronic gadget ever possible, the perfect genetic mutation of a useful, practical flash drive, bored with its unremarkable life and appearance, into a super cool toy. In a word: brilliant! Even when toy craze will have died, Mimobots will live and thrive, because, admit it, you have never seen something so cool to go with your notebook! Like their alien brothers, Qees, Dunnys and what not, the shape remains constant (the hint of two arms, two feet and.. are those ears?) leaving the inkwork to draw different faces and characters. And, as it is good habit with toys, an artist series also exhist, featuring Devil Robots and Tado to name just a couple. Mimobots are both as rad in their core and artist series: my favourite are the Devimobotz series designed by the famous Tokyo design team DevilRobots and the rockabilly trio of The Ginchy Series (currently in pre-order) by Lili Chin and Brian McCarty. But all the others are so great in style as well, it is pretty hard to choose. Or actually if would be if most of these boys had not sold out already! Beautifully packaged in display cases looking like transparent space capsules, these toy drives are 2 3/8 inch tall and come in a wide range of different sizes, from 256 mb to 2 gigs, all Mac or Pc compatible with USB2 ports. Really there is nothing more you can ask to a USB drive, especially since Mimoco, the mother lab acting as an arrival platform for Mimobots shipsfrom the planet of blõôh, is also selling keychain attachment for your flash drive. But this is no boring metal ring: it is a full hoodie suit for your toy, made of furry, soft fabric available in black, silver and white and even embroided! Not even my Barbies were so fashionably dressed! And, if they were not already such "I need one of those" hot toys, the fact that their tail lights up when plugged into your Mac or Pc, should make you scream with excitement! Because, oh yes, these are just so cool. Hurry and get yours before they are gone! Most are strictly limited editions so you better run! Take advantage of the Back2Blõôh sale and get 15% off you order before September 11th (all shipping within the US is free)! -Just extended until September 25th!- AND! If you are a MySpacer, Mimoco is holding a contest on MySpace right now: enter your chance to win a 1 GB Devimobotz/Circus Punks right now! Hungry for Love- Hungry for Data

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