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August 7, 2006

{     Hero Builders - Custom Made Action Heroes     } Ok, so you know that toy culture is a widespread phenomenon. Adults shamelessy playing with and collecting toys (read: small plastic figurines, not Barbie dolls!). And you know what was before that: toys were just well, for kids... or for rich comics figure collectors or something. But what is in the toy culture future? It will not be Kubricks and Qees and other Japanese Manga inspired figures forever... as for anything else, these and other form of toys will reach market oversaturation (or will just begin to bore people) and will just be abandoned. In favour of what? This feature is a possible answer to that question: custom made action heroes! Hero Builders is a crazy company producing only action figures: from Jack Black to Saddamn under trial to Dick Cheney to Micheal Moore to a dual headed Uday, nobody is escaping their political and pop culture irreverence! All action heroes can be done to order: you want your own boss figure for a small voodoo session? a version of yourself just more sexually well endowed? Send pics in! Everything can be done! The results are pretty realistic without being dot on, but that adds to the charm of these old 80s toys turned into collectibles. And if you want to skip on the one-of-a-kind-done-on-order waiting list, you can create your own member of the Urban Crew, hip hop, gangsta style or just... dork! As it fits your taste. You pick the face (dog boy is one of the many options), colour of hair and eyes (anything seems allowed, including blue, purple, white, silver, orange, etc...), clothes (including two gangster outfits), shoes, plus the necessary weapon (have fun! The list includes everything from kalashnikov to bazookas to swords and celtic axes). Delivered at your door in some undetermined time for about $25 + shipping! These 12 inch muscle guys may just be the retarded-bordering stupid-bordeing genius answer to today's plastic toys. Get yours while they are still fresh!

     » Create you own hero!


"Custom-made" is hyphenated because it's a compound modifier (well, it really should be "customized," but no matter). So really, that headline ought to read, "Hero Builders: Custom-Made Action Heroes."

Posted by: Lydia at August 13, 2006 7:31 AM

Thanks for the correction: English not being my first language, typos, grammatical and syntax mistakes are too often found in my reviews. My apologies!

Posted by: Tacita at August 13, 2006 4:15 PM

I am interested in creating some fantasy character figures. For instance I am not looking for moveable joints, clothing nor am I interested in exact likenesses of existing people. Think more like a statue....than a action figure. Please advise as to how I might proceed.

Steve Bullon
Baton Rouge, LA

Posted by: Steve Bullon at March 21, 2007 10:34 PM
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