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February 9, 2006

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A Baker's Dozen.

1. Have you ever noticed how women who drive expensive, well built (sturdy), typically German, luxury vehicles like the BMW X5 appear to have been given them by, presumably, their husbands in order to protect them from the consequences of being unable to drive a car?

2. Have you ever noticed how women with really low self-esteem PLASTER it on?

3. Have you ever noticed how women, when they look at themselves will say 'oh, I look fat' whereas most men look at themselves and go 'oh, look at how buff I'm looking today, grr'?

4. Have you ever noticed how women act when they outnumber men by a wide margin?

5. Have you ever noticed how women who think all Men are alike usually have no problem pointing out the differences between you and Tom Cruise?

6. Have you ever noticed how women often times stare at another woman, looking her up and down, not just to check out her shoes and clothes, but also to size her attributes up.

7. Have you ever noticed how women tell stories differently than men, sometimes in the way that details are recounted and sometimes where the storyteller stands in relation to the story?

8. Have you ever noticed how women get criticized for complaining all the time, but no one ever realizes how much we have to complain about?

9. Have you ever noticed how women wait until you're too weak to argue to ask such a question?

10. Have you ever noticed how women tend to have two aces up their sleeve?

11. Have you ever noticed how women get cold very easily even if the temperature is only 1 µC below optimum?

12. Have you ever noticed how Women always say that their husbands can't do anything?

13. Have you ever noticed how women in Europe have virtually no yeast infections, while even small grocery stores in the US seem to have entire vaginal ointment aisles?

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