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October 27, 2004

{     6 x 2 = 12 Reasons to Vote For Kerry     }    

We've got a special guest Twelve this time out. The winners of our ShopChop t-shirt contest provided us half a dozen reasons each that they're voting for John Kerry this November.

Shona Sanzgiri

Voting for Kerry because:

1) The idea that this country was founded on religious freedoms should still stand. No president should force his faith onto the nation. Faith Based Initiatives are absolutely insane.
2) The ban on partial birth abortions is an atrocious law in respect to women’s health issues.
3) A President who goes into war with ill-conceived plans that in no way account for the second half of it should not be allowed to continue. Any president who loses a war that was started from his own camp should not be allowed to win re-election.
4) I would rather not have a former Halliburton CEO as Vice President. Coupled with the fact he may have ordered an unconstitutional shootdown of a second plane during September 11th shows that within this adminstration, it seems no one is responsible for anything.
5) Gay marriage should NOT be a political issue, it is a matter of personal freedoms. The fact that the President takes such a strong stance on it and takes such a weak, unconvincing stance on other issues goes to show that his Presidency is being run by his religious ideologies, not his political abilities.
6) Every time Bush gives that smug little wink and squint look, don't you just want to bash him in the head with a hammer?

Chris Stave

Six reasons I'm voting for John Kerry:

1.) The Libertarian candidate isn't even on the ballot in New Hampshire this year.
2.) He may not be the best man for the job, but at least I think he could do the job.
3.) I'd like to have at least some civil liberties left four years from now.
4.) His brain may have been dug up from a graveyard and implanted into his head in a weird mad-scientist scenario, but hey, at least he's got a brain.
5.) Because voting against Bush will make the baby Jesus cry.
6.) Because I remember when comedy and satire about the President didn't just further point out his gross incompetence and make me sad.

Thanks to Shona and Chris for such great responses!
Remember to vote Nov. 2!!!


Let me hear an AMEN!

Posted by: Jeff Juliard at October 27, 2004 9:49 PM


Posted by: Shane at October 27, 2004 11:48 PM

i thought i hated bush… man… shona really hates him. word.

Posted by: Thomas Romer at October 29, 2004 4:58 PM
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