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June 28, 2004

{     12 favorite video game moments     }    

i hate to narrow it down to 12 but, being a list of twelves, i will have to keep my entry within the parameters set forth by my forebearers.

so, in no particular order though the list does go Arcade/Console/PC, here they are:

1) getting the pretzel on Pac-Man at a Godfather's Pizza on one of the sitdown tables that you could put food on.

2) getting a hole in one on Golden Tee.

3) zombie dogs crashing through the window in Resident Evil - I almost pissed myself.

4) realizing that a game could touch emotions when Aeris died in Final Fantasy 7. i spent the rest of the game buffing up Cloud with Materia combos so i could kick the shit out of Sephiroth without pressing a button (it's possible).

5) sneaking up behind a Chinese embassy guard in Splinter Cell, holding my gun to his head, knocking him out then shooting him when he hit the ground....WHILE HIS PARTNER WAS ASLEEP IN THE OTHER COT!

6) finally hitting that fucker in the tornado in Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and being able to control the typhoon thingees.

7) finding the secret warp zones in Super Mario Brothers and watching my brother get so pissed because i wouldn't tell him how to do it.

8) picking up a hooker, regaining my "health," letting her out of the car, running her over with said car and taking back my money in Grand Theft Auto.

9) charging up a hill outside of Stalingrad, watching my comrades getting eaten up from the front by German 44s and from behind by their own officers with nothing but a clip of ammo in my hand in Call of Duty.

10) omaha beach, 64 players, battlefield 1942, 'nuff said.

11) my first slo-mo "Bullet Time" kill in Max Payne - diving across a doorway and tattooing some goon with an Uzi - I'd played half the game without using it and I have no idea why.

12) picking the monkey in Black and White and teaching him to be bad just so I could "spank my monkey."


I have a few:

-no-hitting the Boston Red Sox with the NY Yankees in EA's MLB Baseball on difficult. (I almost cried)

-finally knocking down all of the Football players with one combo (in that tiny alley-way with the rails) in Pro Skater 4.

-(a variation on the Vice City one) getting a hooker banging my life up and one of the following:

a) speed toward the ocean and bailing, then watching the bitch drown
b) getting out and club her to a bloody pulp with a bat and get my cash back

(i think that i'll do a 12 "funnest" things to do in GTA Vice City)

Posted by: Gary at June 28, 2004 3:21 PM

i've got another one for Vice City:

- getting a speed boat and launching it into an intersection, bailing at the last possible second and ending up on dry land.

i've tried so many damn jumps in the speedboat that i've ended up stranded on bridges, the middle of the golf course and on the roof of a building.

Posted by: rob at June 28, 2004 4:51 PM

i do the same thing. the boats are great. It's real cool to get a shitty boat, like the raft or something and storm one of those real big yacht lookin things. Shot em dead and steal the boat ... PIRATE STYLE ... ARrrr!

Posted by: Gary at June 29, 2004 3:07 AM

See- the real beauty of Vice City isn't in it's Miami Vice meets Scarface plotline, it's in the wacky-ass shit you can do that has nothing to do with the overall story.
This next GTA looks like it's going to take the fucking cake though. I guarantee it will send me into reclusion.
"Where's Adam, he hasn't posted on Crown Dozen in a while?"
"Man, I heard they found him dead in a pile of his own piss and shit. Apparently he'd lost about 175 pounds and become organically bonded to the sofa in his living room, all while playin GTA San Andreas. They said even though he was dead for days, his hands were still wrapped around the controller. They had to bury him with it."

Posted by: Adam at June 29, 2004 7:26 PM

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