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April 12, 2004

{     13 Classic Shaw Brothers Films     }    

We're making this a baker's dozen of chop-sockey kick-assery!

Shaolin Challenges Ninja
3 Evil Masters
Disciples of the 36th Chamber
Chinese Super Ninja
Five Deadly Venoms
Shaolin Master Killer
Flying Guillotine
Mad Monkey Kung Fu
Seven Blows of the Dragon
Return of the 5 Deadly Venoms
Invincible Pole Fighter
Return to the 36th Chamber
Five Fingers of Death

Props to Wu-Tang for representing all these years, fuck Tarantino for appropriating the logo for Kill Bill. (That was wrong, Q.T.- you know your soul will meet 36 chambers of hell for it.)


bravo, adam. couldn't agree more. Tarantino took his "homage" technique even further than usual with kill bill. You can't hijack the last thirty-plus years of Asian cinema and expect people not to notice. The Gordon Liu / Sonny Chiba bar scene was the most self-indulgent wankfest ever committed to celluloid. I almost expected him to superimpose Toshiro Mifune and fucking Bruce Lee up there at the rate QT was going in that movie.
But I gotta say, I would give the nod to Five Fingers of Death before Return of the Five Deadly Venoms (even though I love the original).

Posted by: Eric Swisher at April 13, 2004 6:10 AM

See the Rockin' Jelly Bean interview for more on the non-stop exploitation of Asian culture by Quentin Tarantino.
E-money has rightfully pointed out in the blog above that Five Fingers of Death needed to be included on this list. It came down to that, Return of the Five Deadly Venoms, and The Kid With the Golden Arm.
Golden Arm got cut because it just moves too slowly, and I was hard pressed between Return and Five Fingers. Return of the Five Deadly Venoms won out because it includes one of my favorite classic kung-fu cliches, the crippled heroes turning their impairments into strengths.
Still, it's not fair to diss Five Fingers, it is pure unadulterated fun and contains my other favorite kung-fu cliche (you killed my master and now I must have revenge!) and I fondly remember it from back in the day. I've added it to the list, making this a baker's dozen of 13 films.

Posted by: Adam at April 13, 2004 7:42 PM

I just watched the "Making of Kill Bill" featurette on the DVD last night and the "Filmed in ShawScope" logo isn't as off base as we might have been led believe. Most of the movie was shot in the old Shaw Bros. studio Movie Town, with all Asian crewmembers and equipment owned by the studio.

Posted by: benjamin at April 29, 2004 12:25 AM

Yeah, well maybe a monkey can fuck a goat in the asshole.
That doesn't mean that nine months later critics should hail the miraculous birth of the first goatmonkey.
It means that monkey used that goat's tight, puckered, velvety butthole simply for his own pleasure.
Maybe the goat liked it- maybe the goat felt cheap and exploited.
I'm just saying I felt better about the whole thing back when the monkey used to just jerk-himself off to goat porn. Now it just feels like he's crossed the line.

Posted by: Adam at April 29, 2004 12:46 AM

indeed Adam !

Posted by: xou at March 22, 2006 8:10 AM
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