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December 31, 2003

{     Reccomendacious Readings     }    

1. Geek Love -Katherine Dunn
2. Glue -Irvine Welsh
3. If On a Winter's Night a Traveller... -Italo Calvino
4. Snow Crash -Neal Stephenson
5. Sarah -J.T. Leroy a.k.a. Terminator
6. Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them -Al Franken
7. Naked -David Sedaris
8. Ego Trip's: Book of Rap Lists (shout out- Dirty Dean of Discipline)
9. Survivor -Chuck Palahnuik
10. Schock Value -John Waters
11. Pale Fire -Vladimir Nabokov
12. All Families Are Psychotic -Douglas Coupland


i will certaianly go on your recommendations especially since i've read two of them and agree (snow crash and naked) can't really remember much about them it was so long ago, but i really liked the concept of a pizza guy with a grappling hook and skateboard called "the deliverator"- that much i can't forget... i need to read a book, i haven't done that in such a long time... you know the last books i read were those christian "left behind" series whch i believe kirk camron has made movies out of... but i honestly can't say they were bad books... i was thoroughly entertained throughout the 3 or 4 books i read from the series, everything just seemed so metal... like there were these 2 prophets that appeared in jerusalem warning the people of the anti-christ and anyone who got too close to them or tried to hurt them burnt up into a smoldering pile of bones, kind of reminded me of when the aliens used their ray guns in "mars attacks"... i don't think i could ever subject myself to the movie though....

Posted by: stace at January 23, 2004 4:57 AM
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