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June 14, 2006

{     Flying Coffin     } Straight out from under the Space Needle, brandishing all the right wrongs, comes Flying Coffin for your tee desires. The line is the product of this dude Jason that moved to Seattle four years ago from Hawaii. I guess guy was going a little nuts from some kind of tropic withdraw and decided to start up a little t-shirt company of his own - not to insinuate that they're at all bad, but they're most definitely not very happy and Hawaii-esque. Maybe on second thought he was going through some kind of weird sunshine withdrawal that forced his head to ooze out some of the insane ideas that he's worked into his designs, because these pieces are pretty nuts. Coconuts? But yeah, the logo is an upside-down cross emblazened on a coffin, with wings of course, and a couple lightning bolts thrown in for good measure. Nice. Instant love on my part. Then comes the designs: all-over logo tee, a stormtrooper & boba essential for the headz, a Flying Coffin brand tee with the logo circling the Needle (snappa!), a shredded American flag with the FC logo in place of the stars (second fave), and the freshest piece of all and a must-own this summer in my opinion - the FUCKING HOSTILE tee (pictured in all its Predator-ness) featuring all the classic horror villians coming forced. I personally got the Hostile tee in black and the recipe is just right, with the green text popping loud and the pile of criminals at the bottom printed with grey ink so it's not TOO much like a lot of all-overs tend to be (not counting patterned prints). I love this label personally. For real. I was out in Seattle last year and saw the stickers up and around the city everywhere and just fell in love with the logo alone, then come the first line that blew me up, but this new assortment just kills. And just so you know, the tees are none of that American Apparel flimsy lightweight stretchy-cling shite, they're beefy and thick, crisp and cut well with a rad sewn-in custom tag. Heart, Heart, Buy.

     » Flying Coffin - Wooooooosh!!!!!
     » Buy on K-K-K-K-Krudmart.


the " fucking hostile " tee is a WOW !

Posted by: i_am_me at July 8, 2006 11:01 PM
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