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May 1, 2006

{     Hot Damn & Hell Yeah + The Dirty South Cookbooks     } I like to eat meat. I like it a lot. I've tried to be a vegetarian before and it's just, well, boring. I mean, I chowed down on some grub that tasted pretty damn good, but no matter what you're always saying things like, "Wow, this chili is almost as good as real chili (read: with meat)." It's always just as good as, but never better than, the real thing. It's tough to have a main course in a meal without beef, chicken, or fish - and let's not even get into phasing out dairy and eggs. Really tough. And usually incredibly boring because vegetarians are usually really healthy snobby types that use $30 worth of veggie-friendly ingredients to make a $10 meat-eaters meal. But thankfully two kids named Vanessa (just Vanessa) and Ryan Splint have put together a couple great DIY cookbooks that focus on making tasty grub in which the fact that the recipes lack meat and dairy is simply an afterthought to an already yummy recipe. And what's even better than that is that you can now get them both in one book, and better yet it's only five friggin' bucks. Damn! The first of the two is "Hot Damn & Hell Yeah" from Ryan Splint, a mexicana-illustrated collection of recipes that use plenty of easy to find spices and ingredients to make some vegetarian fare that "don't taste like sawdust". Billed as "recipes for hungry banditos" you would be correct in assuming that the recipes lean heavily towards Tex-Mex and burrito fare, but there's also a large variety of breads, soups, sides, southern goodies and a ton of delicious sounding deserts. Seriously, this stuff sounds good. The second of the two is Vanessa's "The Dirty South" cook book, on which the cover has the tagline 'eat more grease' - which leaves not much else to be said. Vanessa shows us plenty of southern-style recipes in her well-designed book, and not a one could really be called healthy. It's full of all the good stuff - sugar, grease, fat, and flavor. Tons of breads, sauces, fried goods, deserts, and tasty down-home grub that will make you remember that your vegetarian ass still even has taste-buds. And again, the book is only five bucks, meaning if you're a veggie then you're an idiot for not buying it, and if you're still sticking to your carnivore ways then you're just plain missing out.

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Yep, this book is ace.
But I am a vegan... I am biased in the end.

Posted by: tax at August 4, 2006 11:25 AM
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