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November 24, 2005

{     Stencil Graffiti Capital (Melbourne)     }    

SGC-cov.gifNot everyone is a fan of stencil graffiti. I know a lot of graff purists that don't really consider stencils on the same level as straight up piecing. With a process so simple as cutting shapes into cardboard, it brings a lot of mediocre work to the table. That being said.. even for those who are totally not down with stencil art should do themselves a favor and check out this book. Being out of touch with the stencil movement, I had no idea Melbourne had such an intense scene. This book chronicles not only established (and reeeeally good) stencil artists, but also styles and genres of stencil art. Even though this book focuses on Melbourne, it also has write ups on people like Banksy and in general is just a really good stencil resource and a fabulous documentation of a movement. The photography and writing are superb, and the printing quality is fantastic. This book would be a great holiday gift for any artists on your list.. and would also be a great gift for those people who maybe frown upon graffiti because they just dont get it. - Contributed by Dustin:

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i lived in melbourne for about 9 months, and the stencil art there is on another level....can't wait to pick this book up

Posted by: sammy hecklewood at November 26, 2005 6:38 PM

The bastard child of graff is finally getting it's due, and frankly, it's about damn time.
Sure, there's some shite out there but when done correctly, this form can look positively wicked. If the sneak peek at the link above is any indication, this book will be changing some minds amongst the haters and the "I never-knew"s.

Posted by: Adam at November 30, 2005 12:28 AM

I saw this book in a shop. it rocks. very cool. felt proud to be a melbourne chick. the stencils are awesome definately worth a look. if you didn't/dont like stencils, you will after this.

Posted by: Bunty at November 30, 2005 9:06 AM
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