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November 18, 2005

{     Lindstrom "I Feel Space" 12"     } So the weirdest thing happened when I put this record on. First, all the lights in my house went black. Actually, it was like a little black hole opened up in my living room sucking all light into it and letting none escape. Then, Dr. Who oozed out of the void, wrapped my entire body in his multicolored scarf and began to feed me jelly babies that resembled little ARP Odysseys . Once I swallowed the candy the room shifted into a vector based grid resembling a board from Tempest but instead of little polygon spiders riding the edges of the three dimensional cube it was Vangelis and a crew of bongo-wielding storm troopers all marching in unison like some fucked-up digital S1W’s (but without Professor Griff, cause he be racist n’shit). So after Vangelis and crew finish this totally ridiculous drum circle bit, the keyboard shaped gummy bear I swallowed earlier bursts from my navel followed by a long multicolored scarf that then pulls Dr. Who himself from my belly. The good Doctor breaths deeply, sucking in the glowing blue outlines of the vector based world around us leaving us in total darkness, and just as the last hint of light disappears I hear him whisper, “that song kicked ass, didn’t it.” “Yes” I say. “Yes it did.”

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By Jesse in Music

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