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October 12, 2005

{     Beach Glass     }    

beachglass Beach Glass is a a collection of photographs from Bob Kronbauer, a super-talented dude that does super-cool stuff with super-cool people, and this book is a bunch of super-cool shots of super-cool moments in surreal Los Angeles super-coolness. Shot over 3 years, all with the same camera and film, processed and printed the same way, this book is a moment in time - a long gaze into LA daze. Looking at Mr. K's pictures is kind of like waking up at just the perfect time. Like opening your eyes right when the best thing that was going to happen in your city all day long just came swinging 'round the corner, and there you are all sleepy-eyed and shaking your head from side to side trying to get your shit straight so you can take it all in. You feel groggy and excited at the same time, you feel like your eyes are soaked in colored water. It's not like LSD in your eyedrops or any hippie jive like that, but it's just good. Soothing. Fun. Makes me want to live in Cali. Makes me want to get outside. Makes me want to be in love. Makes me want to feel hot pavement on bare feet, or better yet, sand between my toes. Makes me want to find a piece of beach glass. For the record, beach glass is a smooth and round piece of glass found in the sand on the ocean shore. Once sharp and dangerous, the trashy remainder of a shattered bottle, now it's a wonderful little stone, holding light and history, shaped by years of drifting and grit. Something to keep. Something to put in your pocket and later place on a shelf. These shots are kinda like that.

     » Buy a copy from FecalFace.
     » Buy a signed edition from Crownfarmer.


I love this guys photos...very very nice.

Posted by: porous at October 23, 2005 6:16 PM
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