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September 28, 2005

{     Napalm Death - The Code is Red... Long Live the Code     }    

188233-0-300-0-300.jpgSpecial Guest Review by the she-wolf of metal "Dizzy" Lizzy Rachtman. The new Napalm Death album "The Code is Red... Long Live the Code" is kicking my pussy off. Aside from some iffy Jello Biafra appearances it's a solid evolution from the OG Hardcore Punk-influenced Death Metal they pioneered across the pond (while Slayer manifested it here.) The production really makes all the difference, vastly increasing it's palatability compared to the old stuff. There's a video for "The Silence is Deafening" out now that uses CGI to create heat waves coming off the band as they play the song on an all white sound stage. It kind of focuses on which band member the vocals are coming from and makes them look really brutal. Very nice. They're so old and ugly too. That's great, because it makes all the fucking Avenged Sevenfold new-wave gothed-out young-imitator type-shits look like they're starring in tampon commercials by comparison. It proves with a full abundance of evidence that having sleeve tats and eye liner doesn't make you metal, but years of disenfranchisement creating the rusty bolts of discontent which hold your blackened soul together does. Long live the Code....



"Dizzy" Lizzy fucking rules!

Posted by: Aaron at September 28, 2005 8:03 PM
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