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September 2, 2005

{     Circus Punks     }    

minipunks.jpg Just what are Circus Punks? Well, you take 1 part knock down doll, 2 part underground artist, combined with 1 part "damn, why didn't I think of this" and your begining to get the idea. These custom knock-down doll's are available in countless crazy designs by artists from around the world. These big hairy dolls that you try to knock down have been around for over a hundred years and are now given a modern twist by artists who still print, sew, and asemble them by hand. There are over a hundred different artists (Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, The Clayton Brothers, Camile Rose Garcia just to name a few) who create thier own designs for the punks and more are added all the time so check out the all they have to choose from. - Written by Jay, read more of his reviews at

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