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July 7, 2005

{     Braveland - Time Traveller Messenger Bag     }    

BravelandOrder now and get a free Braveland t-shirt! My future self visited me this past weekend, to warn me of the folly of time-travelling without the proper equipment. He explained that when I begin my career as a Quantum Leaper it's essential that I never leave Now without my Braveland Time Traveller messenger bag. Future Adam went on at great length about how everything a person could possibly need for a few days stint in the past or the future could be crammed into the bag, though he was quick to point out that it's greatest asset is the bag's timeless design. You see, you can't just go hopping through the chronosphere without considering the impact your fashions have on the world around you. You can't show up at the battle of the Alamo carrying some girly backpack nonsense: you'd be tossed out of the fort! Likewise, were you to attempt to bring today's portage fashions into the future, you would soon find yourself looking horribly unstylish and open to all sorts of scathing criticism. What you need is something sleek and functional. Something that's as practical as it is incredibly good-looking. What you need is the Braveland Time Traveller messenger bag. Future Adam explained this all to me, but he need not have bothered. As soon as I saw the bag, I fell in love with it, and I can't really imagine carrying anything else ever again. It's incredibly comfortable and roomy for a mid-sized bag; you could easily toss a 12 or 14 inch laptop in here, plus accessories, and still have room for magazines, your iPod, the first season of Deadwood on DVD, a notepad, pens and two Chocolate Moon Pies (fer example). The shoulder strap is solidly stitched, none of that detatchable crap, and the whole thing is constructed of rugged nylon canvas, guaranteed to never give out on you. One of the coolest features is the exterior window frame, in which you can swap out any one of six different cards bearing the image of the Braveland werewolf wandering through various timescapes. That's just one of the many little touches that take this bag from drab to devastating. The sharp lines and slender design alone are enough to turn heads, as is the exterior's rich shade of choclatey brown and contrasting khaki interior. It just looks damn good, no matter what century you choose to rock it in. As mentioned above, if you order now you can also grab a free Braveland t-shirt from the Sale section to help complete your Back to the Future makeover. You'll even snag a bonus Time Traveller pin-badge, which just happens to look fantastic pinned to the exterior flap of the messenger bag. That's an absolutely sick amount of designer style coming your way, all at an extremely reasonable price.

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that is simply kick ass.

Posted by: K. Laishley at July 10, 2005 6:41 PM

It is an amazing thing, and worth every penny.

Dave custom-designed this baby, it's not just some generic template with a Braveland tag stitched on. It's been made to his specifications, from materials he selected, and when you've finally got one in your hands it becomes apparent how much thought went into the final product.
He could have easily (and much more cheaply) outsourced the bag's production to Pakistan or Malaysia (the shoulder-bag manufacturing capitols of the world for some reason) but he chose to keep things Stateside and sweatshop free to insure a quality product. As a bit of a messenger-bag afficionado, believe me when I tell you that you can see and feel the difference.
It's an aesthetic triumph as well, turning away from the faux-urban influences that dominate the portage field to a more natural palette and sleek design. It can just as easily and fasionably be carried by a man or a woman. It doesn't need 30 extraneous straps or camo-accents or a big fake-ass graff tag across the front, and aren't we all a bit sick of that shit anyway? It also bucks some of the other annoying messenger-bag trends: the brightly colored exterior flap (with or without reflective striping), an unreliable and uncomfortable removable shoulder-strap, and my personal least-favorite; the convertible backpack/messenger bag style. The Time Traveller avoids all that unnecessarly embellishment and delivers a simple, functional and beautiful bag.

Yes, I'm in love. Why don't I marry it then? I think I will....

Posted by: Adam at July 11, 2005 7:48 PM
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