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July 1, 2005

{     Lomo Fisheye Camera     }    

So, recently those wild owls at LOMO, every hipster's favorite kinda-Russian camera company, released a very new, and very cool camera for the masses to take to the picnic, the FishEye. It is as it sounds, the world's only 35mm camera with a big fisheye lens built right into the bugger, making everything all warped, bubbled, tunnel-visioned, and druggy looking. It's purpose is simple, to take wacky shots of wacky stuff, and to turn a boring shot of some regular dude into a 170-degree zoomed view, smashing all the shot into a cropped circle image and bulging the center of the frame's focus out and all up in your teeth. As with nearly everything Lomo, the lens is primo glass, the body is colored plastic, and of course it looks really, really cool. All the shots I took with mine turned out great, with the background and foreground all in surprisingly crisp focus for a bunch of quick snaps. The fisheye lens distortion was as expected, taking ordinary subject matter and making the most out of it, taking what would have been a disappointing throw-away shot into something slamming and damn-near frame-worthy. While the night shots taken with the in-body flash were kinda bland and low contrast, the shots I took during the day were bananas! They were super-rich, with bright colors and crazy warped detail. I love it. This thing will be with me every time I'm in the sunshine. The details are this: It uses regular 'ol 35mm film, which for you digital camera users that don't remember means the cheapo every-day kind that you can buy everywhere and have developed anywhere. It takes one AA battery for the flash, has no motors or stuff like that for you to break, and has a handy-dandy lens cover that's attached so you won't lose it in the grass. Listen, this camera is a nice addition to any LOMO fan's camera bag, and should be taken any time you plan on being out on a sunny day or somewhere that the light is bright and the action is GO! Seriously, digital is cool and all, but don't forget about how good it feels to go drop a roll off at the developer and be all antsy waiting till you get the prints back, especially when you have no idea what the FishEye is gonna give you. Viva la 35mm!

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