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June 23, 2005

{     Master of the Flying Guillotine     }    

master.jpg Jimmy Wang Yu is widely recognized by film buffs from the classic kung fu film The One-Armed Swordsman (and also from the Shaw Brothers' collaboration with Japan's Daiei Motion Picture Co. Zatoichi Meets the One-Armed Swordsman). In Master Of The Flying Guillotine he plays a One-Armed Boxer who must face the master of a goofy decapitation device resembling a large bowl that is a deadly weapon in the skilled hands of the blind wielder. Upon receiving word that a one-armed boxer killed his two disciples (*events which took place in the film The One-Armed Boxer), The Master of the Flying Guillotine sets out for revenge. Meanwhile The One Armed Boxer is invited to participate in a tournament and agrees to go, but only to observe the different kung fu styles on display. As the tournament begins we are treated to some bloody kung fu fighting as different fighting styles are on display. The tournament comes to a halt when The Master of The Flying Guillotine shows up and beheads one of the contestants. As the chase continues The One Armed Boxer faces a long-armed oponent waiting for him and hatches a plan for a Thai boxer who is on his tail. But that's only the begining, he has to save some strength to face a Japanese warrior and set an even more elaborate trap for a heated finale. Master Of The Flying Guillotine was a huge grindhouse hit in America despite it's hokey low budget effects including the rather obvious arms stuffed inside shirts. - Written by Jay, read more of his reviews at

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Deffo one of the greatest old-school chop-sockey flicks ever!

You'll know as soon as you hear the soundtrack kick in: fuzzed-out Moog over an absolutely sick beat. And the opening alone will just blow your fucking mind.
After learning of the defeat of two of his disciples at the hands (hand?) of the One-Armed Boxer, the old blind Master just goes apeshit at his mountain retreat. He decapitates a live chicken, rips the heads off some stone dummies and sets fire to his little hermit-hut before leaving to seek his vengeance. 100% out of control.

Shit gets even more outlandish when the tournament kicks in. It's worth seeing this flick just to peep the Yoga Master's magic stretching techniques alone...

I was so psyched when a remastered version of MotFG was finally released on DVD- for years the only version domestically available was a really choppy transfer with some missing scenes and a whole section that gets whited-out. Now there are TWO special-edition versions, both featuring a much superior transfer from a very solid original copy of the film.

Posted by: Adam at June 24, 2005 7:57 PM
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