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April 27, 2005

{     Die Kase Hause     }    

The loose collective known as Die Kase Hause has really turned it up to "11" as of late: Following an incredible group show at Columbus, Ohio's Mahan gallery last summer and a recent re-launch of their website, the boys of DKH are now set to display a 7' x 13.5 foot collaborative printed mural at the VERSION>05 NFO EXPO in Chicago. The mural is just the first of many events in store for this rag-tag band of art-ninjas; with several solo shows in the works amongst the various members and talk of another full-scale group show, the Die Kase Hause is primed to explode in '05. Think of them as a sort of cultural A-Team. Each member brings a different set of skills to the table- Dave Phillips is the resident madman/genius, delivering bizarre line drawings equally parts profound and baffling. Jeremiah Kettner is a master of disguise, inserting social commentary into his hyper-adorable paintings and prints. Jeff Williams brings the visceral muscle, hitting hard with mixed-media, sculptural and installation pieces that will have you wondering if maybe somebody slipped something into your glass of milk. Greg Shirilla is the unofficial leader of the team, offering up strategically plotted schizophrenic portraiture, layered symbology and manipulated images. The fifth member of the group, Aaron Zimmerman, is the evil Third-World dictator the rest of the team opposes. His recent works challenge the American way of life, pushing socio-political buttons and inspiring cackles of maniacal laughter. What ultimately unites Die Kase Hause is not a uniformity of style or some pretentious agreed-upon philosophy concerning the nature of art. The collective is held together more by common experience, a shared work ethic and a true love of subversion. This is not what happens when a plan comes together, but rather what happens when a plan falls deliciously apart.

     » Die Kase Hause
     » Sneak peek of the collaborative mural


Man, that A-Team metaphor... high score, extended play.
Kudos, professor.

Posted by: Eric at April 29, 2005 1:59 AM
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