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March 1, 2005

{     iLap by Rain Design, Inc.     }    

The Apple PowerBook line are undeniably aesthetic marvels in the world of notebook computers. At only 1 inch in height and clad in a brushed aluminum these powerful little computers just make other notebooks look plain bad. This industrial chic design comes at a price though. That price is heat. Though it may not be the most impressive processor in the world of computer, the PowerPC G4 still manages to crank up the temperature. When this bad little girl starts working she can dump an uncomfortable amount of heat in your lap. Don't believe me? Come on over to my apartment and watch the extended version of _Return of the King_ in a pair of shorts. You'll be looking for an ice pack long before Frodo comes anywhere near Mount Doom. Enter: the iLap from Rain Design, Inc. The iLap is essentially just a sheet of aluminum that raises the PowerBook off your lap, affording you a pleasantly cool computing experience. The materials used in the iLap perfectly match those used in the PowerBook case so you needn't worry about mucking up your aesthetic sensibilities. The aluminum actually facilitates cooling in the same way the Apple designers used aluminum in the case of the PowerBook. Aluminum wicks heat away, but with the iLap in use that heat is released into the air rather than your lap. This is good for your PowerBook's health and well being in addition to your own. It's got two cushions, one at the back and a removable one at the front. With the front cushion removed, the iLap can be used on a desktop elevating the screen a very readable 3 inches and taking some pressure off of your wrists. What a difference that 3 inches makes too. I've been using my iLap for about a week now, mostly on a table top while playing "World of Warcraft": and I'm already noticing a substantial lessening of wrist aching and I can see the entire screen more clearly without fidgeting with the viewing angle repeatedly. Attaching the front cushion and taking the PowerBook to the couch I was able to crank up the iTunes while working without having to take frequent breaks to cool my seared knees and lap. I couldn't bear to think of using my PowerBook without it anymore. Rain Design makes them in every PowerBook and iBook size from 12 inch to 17 inch. They even make a 15 inch model for non-Apple notebooks. (I should point out that the link below points to the 15 inch widescreen PowerBook model but you can pick up any size you like if you hit the "other products" link.)

     » Rain Design, Inc.

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Plus, it's rumored that excessive laptop heat focused on a gentleman's lap can cook his little swimmers to the point of sterility.

Posted by: Adam at March 1, 2005 6:03 PM

In that case I need a bigger laptop.

Posted by: shane at March 1, 2005 7:59 PM
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