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February 15, 2005

{     "Thriller: A Cruel Picture" DVD     }    

When you think of Sweden you think of cheap furniture, herring and blonde bombshells. You certainly do not think of ultra-violent revenge films. At least I don�t think you do, however that�s exactly what you get here. Some of you may have heard Tarantino name drop this previously out of print cult classic as inspiration for his character Elle (Darryl Hannah) in KIll Bill. This 1974 Swedish art house film is the uncut version and is altogether violent, pornographic and visually stunning. The story picks up with Madeline (Christina Lindberg) a young mute girl who is picked up by a sleazy guy named Tony who treats her to a fancy meal then takes her back to his place and drugs her with heroine for several days. After getting her hooked Tony pimps her out to work in his brothel in exchange for drugs. Problems arise when Madeline scratches out a clients eyes, Tony responds by puncturing one of her eyes with a knife. (warning: there is a close up shot and the bio states that a real corpse was used for this scene). After that Madeline complies (warning no.2: there are close ups of penetration shots). After receiving discouraging news from her parents Madeline reaches her breaking point and begins training with fire arms, martial arts, and other various combat skills. After preparations are set she goes on a kill crazy rampage with a sawed off shotgun that features some strikingly contemporary cinematography on par with something out of Kill Bill. Shock factor aside there is a great number of beautifully filmed shots and Thriller: A Cruel Picture remains a highly artistic yet brutally graphic film. - Written by Jay, read more of his reviews at

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sounds cool and ultra -violent. just what I like.........

Posted by: quinn at February 16, 2005 2:41 AM

I just found this on for 5 bucks cheaper than the Amazon price, + free shipping!

I've had sexploitation on the brain lately anyway, and this sounds like just the blood-soaked sex-fest to get the job done.

Posted by: Adam at February 25, 2005 4:33 PM
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