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January 1, 2005

{     Shag, Kozik and Hess Personal Checks - Message Products     }    

I admit it, I'm a sucker for this kind of thing. Tell me I can customize some otherwise mundane aspect of my life, and suddenly I'm all excited. Having suffered the tyranny of dull personal checks for years now (plain text, mint green, standard issue...) I decided to treat myself to something new when my latest batch of boring ran out. I remembered seeing these advertised in Juxtapoz way back when, and a quick google search proved that they were still in production, and reasonably more affordable than the original asking price. (I think they wanted $30+ for a box of 150 back then...) I even opted for the matching check-book cover, nicely printed on starched natural canvas. I typed in my order, paid for it all, and waited anxiously for my new gear to arrive (it's fair to note that most of the anxiousness was due to the fact that I was completely out of checks, and had a stack of bills piling up). Just as I was beginning to feel like a lowbrow art schill for having wasted my money on such trivialities, they finally arrived. I was suitably impressed. The checks are very subtly printed, with the design as a washed-out background, and the checkbook print shows up wonderfully vibrant in contrast. Yes, I could have saved some money and gotten by with a more utilitarian design, but then my checks (and check-book cover) wouldn't have little Shiva titties on them now, would they? Let's see your Federal Blue Bank Note summon even the barest hint of cocktails, fezzes and strip-clubs! I can't wait to send one to Grandma for her birthday. There are four different designs from Shag and Kozik while Derek Hess fans can pick up four separate designs or a rotating set of four other unique designs. The Shag and Kozik patterns don't offer rotating sets, you're stuck with a single design per box. Pricing varies, but typically you'll pay $22 for a box of 150. Membership Card for the Too-Cool-for-School Club not included.

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