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November 17, 2004

{     Ouch! Twin Toys - Ron Rege Jr.     }    

You can grab these three sweet pieces of vinyl absolutely free! In what is one of the most devilishly clever enticements in promotional history, Tylenol has sponsored the production and give-away of these toys as part of its Ouch! campaign, supporting artists and atheletes "...who embrace their pain in order to achieve something extraodinary." Designed by Ron Rege Jr., the Twins and their nemesis The Agitator are based on a series of comics drawn for Ouch!, and the figures are being produced by Critterbox; one of the most well-respected and revered manufacturers of high-end art-toys. Each figure comes packaged in a cylindrical casing that features original illustrations by Ron, and have been produced in limited numbers. Only 500 Agitators and 1,500 of each twin have been cranked out, so you're going to have to act fast to nail yours down. Here's where things get a bit tricky- You'll first need to track down a special coupon, available in one of the publications listed below, or (eventually) available for download from the Ouch! website. Then you have to take the coupon to a participating retailer (see below) sometime between November 26th and January 6th (though I'm doubting supply will last that long) to cash in. I know it's a bit of effort, but if I may be permitted a Tylenol-sponsored pun- no pain, no gain. Ouch! will also hold a special drawing on for ten uber-special-edition Agitator figures. Drawing entry forms can be found on at the start of the give away on November 26, 2004. I have to admit that I've been more impressed with Tylenol's Ouch! than with any of the other numerous corporate sponsorships of emerging/fringe artists/atheletes. I don't know if it's their down-to-earth approach, or just the fact that they understand everything that's painful isn't also EXTREME!, but this is one of the smartest ad campaigns I've ever been the target market for. In addition to Ron Rege Jr., Ouch! sponsors artists and writers such as Buddy Nichols, Rick Charnoski, Stephen “ESPO” Powers, Jordan Crane, Tobin Yelland, Jocko Weyland, Mark Lewman, Rich Jacobs and Neck Face. That's covering a lot of ground, even before you throw atheletes like Tony Trujillo, Joel Tudor, Janna Meyen, Asia One, and Crutchmaster into the mix. You can read more about the specific projects and events Ouch! has promoted through the link below. You'll also want to check out the excellent comics Ron has produced for Ouch! and all the other great work he's done. Chris Ware has called Ron Regé Jr., “...the greatest ‘new cartoonist’ (whatever that is) I can think of. He has wholly reinvented the comic strip language to suit his own vision . . . and his beautiful, complex little line drawings are warm, funny, sad, smart, and best of all, alive.” I reccomend starting with Skibber Bee-Bye if you can find a copy, or the almost-as-good, slightly more straight-forward follow-up Yeast Hoist. As for Critterbox, they continue to set the high-water mark for quality in the designer toy industry, and have all kinds of lovely surprises in store for the remainder of 2004 and well into next year. If they get any better at meticulously capturing every nuance of the characters they are rendering, time itself may come to a screeching halt as the universe struggles to catch up to their level of perfection. It really is that good. Participating publications in which you can snag an Ouch! toy coupon- Tokion, Giant Robot, XLR8R, Arthur, Stopsmiling, Super 7, and in the weekly publications LA Weekly, SF Bay Guardian, East Bay Express, Village Voice, and Time Out New York for three weeks starting November 10, 2004. Participating retail locations at which you may cash in your coupon- Giant Robot and Meltdown Comics & Collectibles in Los Angeles; KidRobot and Toy Tokyo in New York City; and Giant Robot, DoublePunch, Super 7 and KidRobot in San Francisco.

     » Ouch! official website
     » Ron Rege Jr.
     » Critterbox


those toys are GREAT. it's a shame they are only availible in la . nyc and san francisco.
the whole ouch thing is pretty cool and makes me think that corporate sponsorship of the arts isn't as bad as i once thought.

Posted by: chloe at December 4, 2004 6:34 PM
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