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November 14, 2004

{     I See France - Site Relaunch and New Product Designs     }    

I See France is sporting a whole new look to coincide with the release of two new product designs by Mr. Ryan Halvorsen- Ski Love (seen here) and Real Beauty (check the links). Proving that underthings need not be boring, these new products offer the high level of quality and uniqueness of design that are central to the I See France philosophy. And they're devastatingly adorable to boot. Screened on sweatshop-free American Apparel clothing, each design features a matching panty and cami/tank-top, and can be purchased as a set or individually. There's something indelibly fresh about I See France, demure and sexy all at once. Their designs are miles away from the cookie-cutter lingerie mainstream- kinda smart, definitely hip and always in good taste. This is underwear you can finally feel good about giving to your special lady friend. She'll know you were really thinking of her when you picked it out, it's personal and intimate without being in any way trashy. You won't have to beg her to try it on for you, but good luck getting her to take it off. The site redesign looks fantastic (props to Arlo and Ryan!), made all the more so by the inclusion of smoldering poster-girl Vanessa Santiago, who models all of the I See France designs. This new look is the first of many changes that will be popping off for ISF in the coming months, so be sure to sign up for their mailing list while cruising the site, so you can be apprised of the latest news. I spoke briefly with the lovely (and quite stunning) Brandie Heinel about some of the behind-the-scenes basics of I See France- Adam- Are all of your designs still being printed on American Apparel products? Brandie- Yes. While the items are a touch pricier than some other suppliers, we love that they are produced in the United States by people making a reasonable dollar. The styles they produce are very cute, also! Which AA products are the new designs printed to? We use two different styles each of top and bottom. For the tops, we print on the Girly Camisoles and the Spaghetti Tanks. The tanks have a wider strap and a higher neck line. For the bottoms, we print on the Bum Bottom and Flat Bottom panty styles. The Bum Bottom panty is a boy brief style panty. The Flat Bottom is a more traditional cut. Will pricing be the same as previous items? Pricing will be $18 for tops and $12 for bottoms. *****Special Note- Currently, I See France is offering two older designs at a special discounted rate! Fine Jung Woman and Yum! designs are only $23 a set!***** How long is the expected shipping wait? We will be shipping using the US Postal Service's Priority Mail. Average delivery time is 2-3 days for this method. In most cases, we will get the order out the door the next business day. How are the items packaged for shipping? Items are placed in a poly bag and then shipped using standard USPS materials. How many colors are screened to each design? Real Beauty: 1 color top (gray), 2 color bottom (white, gray) Ski-Love: 1 color top and bottom (white) Phil: 2 color top and bottom (black and white) Contaminated Love: 3 color Top and Bottom (gray, red, blue) Fine Jung Woman: 3 color top (white, black, clear), 2 color bottom (black, white) Yum!: 4 color top (cream, green, red, black, 2 color bottom (red, black) Who designed the images? The designs were done by all sorts of cool peeps: Ryan Halvorsen, a partner in I See France did the latest 2 (Real Beauty and Ski Love). He also designed our web site and is part of our sister company, Arlo. Jeffrey Kalmikoff (of Threadless / Skinnycorp fame) designed Contaminated Love. His personal site can be found at Phil Machalski ( designed Phil. He didn't have a name for it, so we named it after him. Anthony Ciannamea ( designed Fine Jung Woman. Yum! was designed by Lydia Lapinski (aka Kipi). ------ Congrats to Brandie, Patrick and Ryan on the relaunch of I See France- their commitment to quality is a credit to independent designers everywhere, and we wish them the best.


By Adam in Clothing

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