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October 13, 2004

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50 years ago, there was much speculation about the year 2000. Many theorized that flying cars and contact with alien life forms would become a tangible reality, and we would be witness to the dawn of a true Space Age. Dave Bravenec is keeping that dream alive with a series of new t-shirt and accessory designs for Fall of '04. Utilizing simple yet iconic depictions of aliens, space-men and the afore-mentioned flying cars, he's brought us a vision of the world As It Might Have Been. Pulp-action themes meet with 50's-styled design elements to create a strong retro-future feel. The World of Tommorow becomes the World of Today after all, thanks to Braveland Design. My favorite piece from the line is also the simplest- Launch Pad, a 90-page 4" x 6" note pad containing three different page designs and a unique cover design. When I interviewed Dave a few months back (see link below), we talked about how great his work would look adapted into stationery format, and he mentioned that this was in the works. I couldn't have imagined it would turn out this good. Dave's also minted a clear-backed sticker of the Martian design you see posted with this article, so you can stick some style anywhere you please. Also up on the block in the accessories department is the School of Piranhas Triplex Poster, and though it varies a bit from the otherwordly themes of the other designs, this poster-in-three-parts packs a real visual wallop, and is one of the coolest print series I've seen in recent memory. At the core of this series' release are four incredible t-shirt designs- School of Piranhas, and three space-themed pieces; Space City, Moon Trip, and Flying Saucer. Rendered in Braveland's natural-toned palette with some metallic embellishment, the designs are screened onto 100% cotton and come in a variety of sizes. In order to make room for the new stock (and perhaps in ode to Mt. St. Helen's recent rumblings), the Braveland Online Store is hosting a Volcano Fire Sale- all classic t-shirts are being discontinued and offered at special pricing, making this your last chance to grab some of these designs before they go the way of Atlantis and disappear forever. While you're clicking around, you can see more of the Braveland space theme by checking out the links from the Main Page to the Studio. Dave has revamped the look of this portion of the site, and it also houses selections from his impressive design portfolio.

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