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August 31, 2004

{     Poketo Artist Wallets     }    

The guy at the mini-mart had the same look I had when I opened up the package. He bent over to see it a little closer, to see what the detail was. It was shiny and colorful, different from everything. Then he did the funniest thing, he started to ask what was up with it, where I got it, and where he could get one. I mean, I saw the glisten in his eye, the want in his fingers, it was obvious he dug it. But the thing is, he didn't ask, he just thanked me for the cash and shoved it in the drawer without looking, all the time watching me put my Poketo wallet back in my pocket. He knew it was special and he did the indie rock thing where you know something is so fuckin' cool, and you gotta know what's up and where they got it, but you can't just ask because that would mean you didn't know. You know? Indie rockers are funny. Anyway, why is the wallet so damn cool? Because a small group of creatives in San Fran named Poketo invites various artists to submit work that is then copied and sealed on vinyl. It's then stitched together into a rad little wallet, which has 3 credit card slots, a bill space, and even a little pocket with a flap to put the little stuff in (as well as the included little bio of the artist for good measure). At first mine felt a little, well, not right, but then I filled it out with a big stash 'o cash and spent a few hours with it between my ass and a hard seat, to which it turned out nice and properly folded. Now, every time I whip it out in public I get the hot-eye from anyone with taste, and I love it. Get yourself one today and trash whatever piece of leather you've had rubbing your ass for the past year or two. Trendy cashiers will admire (and secretly loathe) you.

     » Get your wallet (as well as wristbands and zines) from Poketo


I just read my review here and realized that I could change about 5 or 6 words and it would sound like a sample from some gay erotic novel. Kind of like watching the Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon playing, but not really. Jesus, just read those first two sentences! :)

Posted by: Shane at August 31, 2004 4:09 AM

I particularly like the "glisten in his eye, the want in his fingers" line for those reasons.
You're pervy to the max, dude!

Posted by: Adam at August 31, 2004 4:02 PM
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