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August 25, 2004

{     Louis Logic - Sin-a-Matic     }    

“Slept on” does not begin to describe how underappreciated Louis Logic’s 2003 release Sin-a-Matic truly is. I know ’03 was a big year for the scene, and there was a lot going on in both the mainstream and the underground to distract, but it’s a fucking tragedy that this piece didn’t get more play. With some of the smoothest delivery this side of Detroit, Lou wraps witty and gritty lyrics around production by a host of talents (including The Avid Record Collector and Celph Titled, who also pulls guest-lyricist duty) all polished up to a nice shine by mixologist and partner in crime JJ Brown. Somewhere between backpack and Benz, what emerges is a true working-class rap album. It’s the kind of gold that can only be mined by a man forced to hold a day job, whose true passions only come out in those late-night off-hour recording sessions, or on stage between-jobs when touring clubs. Sin-a-Matic is a meticulously crafted work, and if its creator occasionally spits lyrics with a confidence usually reserved for the more-often-heard it’s because he’s got every right to be proud of this production. As for the lyrics themselves, I haven’t heard such a hook-laden batch of cleverness since forever ago. While a few tracks wax autobiographical, others are told through hyperbole-laced first-person character narratives. “The Ugly Truth”- with it’s racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic invective give us a window onto the thoughts of a soon-to-be-inaugurated political candidate (smells like Bush to me), while “Coochie Coup” clowns off some porno-obsessed stereotypes and the tendency of men to turn women into sexual objects. Lou manages to turn the usual rap tropes on their ear, even when getting a little more personal on tracks like “Postal” and “Best Friends / Revenge!!!” by way of some smart exaggeration and comic posturing. Production-wise, Sin-a-Matic serves up some devastating beats, scratches and samples, intelligently layered to round out each piece. It’s not that cookie-cutter-crap rap-track, but something fresh and innovative, unafraid to experiment with non-traditional sounds and instrumentation. Props out to JJ Brown for holding this side of the album down. So basically, what I’m saying is- you need to put this in your ear. Right now. Put it on your playlist and I guarantee you it won’t easily find its way off. There’s just something classic about Sin-a-Matic that will have you asking yourself “Why haven’t I heard this?” Go right to track two, “Street Smarts” for instant proof that you and everyone else who dodged this piece have been sadly missing out. The Drunken Dragon is currently in production on The Odd Couple, a collaboration with Jay Love produced by The Avid Record Collector and JJ Brown. Also in the works is a full-length follow-up to Sin-a-Matic (also with JJ) that promises to keep breaking new ground. I’ve got a feeling that this upcoming slab from Lou will be some next-level shit, incorporating his unorthodox tastes and influences into something the hip-hop world has never seen before. Stay tuned to Crown Dozen, I’m committed to bringing you the Louis Logic noise. Many thanks to Jesse Clark (aka DubOne) for turning me on to this piece. He’s been offering the Jesse Clark Money Back Personal Guarantee on this album, and so far hasn’t had to buy a single one back.

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You might want to check out as they have several exclusive Louis Logic releases. 03 was a big year for the Demigodz crew and this album was heavily slept on as everyone focused on the Demigodz/Cage/Def Jux beef. While this year is also turning out to be an enjoyable year in "indie" hip hop, I also recommend picking this one up when you get a chance. Nice post, Adam.

Posted by: Eric at August 26, 2004 6:49 AM

That's a damn good album. You also gotta give props to Todd James aka REAS for the dope illustrations.

Posted by: Al aka ENM at August 27, 2004 3:45 AM

Cool cool

Posted by: Twinks at September 22, 2004 12:09 AM
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