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August 22, 2004

{     Pontiki     }    

Pontiki are small geometric shapes that come packaged with an assortment of little parts you can use to give them faces and personality. You stick these little facial pieces into holes, like Mr. Potato Head, except you're not stuck with just putting eyes in the "eyes hole," a nose in the "nose hole," or mixing them up to make some horrible potato freak. Pontiki let you put these bits more or less anywhere you choose. There are four basic shapes of Pontiki: egg, cone, cylinder, and cube, and each one can be joined together make larger and more elaborate shapes. You can see some of the bits you'll be getting. You know what "eyes" and "mouth" you'll get but the rest of the pieces are hidden inside the Pontiki's body, i.e. they're "collectible." A Japanese import being marketed in the States by Just Fun (the folks who brought us all of those keychain toys), Pontiki have an adorably Asian look to their features. Over the ocean they've also got Pootiki (insect like critters) and Chovica (pull-back cars) that can be accessorized with the Pontiki parts. Pontiki definitely have the feeling of a "desk toy" like those squeezy martian stress dolls or one of those magnetic sculpture things. If you've got a cubicle and you've been meaning to get something else to decorate it now that your "hunky firemen" calendar is a little tiresome, Pontiki just might be your answer.

     » Visit the highly confusing Japanese page.
     » Visit the Just Fun showcase.


As if! My Hunky Firemen calendar will never get tiresome!
They can (slide down my pole / climb my ladder / turn their hoses on my backdraft) any day of the week!

Posted by: Adam at August 23, 2004 3:10 PM
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