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July 23, 2004

{     le messie "CANDY" EP     }    

The first release from le messie, master blaster at, a still embryonic independent music and clothing label. The disc is five tracks of beautiful beeps and such, programmed beats floating along a path seemingly unknown even to the composer (in this case, a good thing). A sometimes soothing, but usually more of a banging ride, best enjoyed on headphones while getting a massage from one or two ravishing young ladies, but what isn't best enjoyed as such? Or maybe not, I guess it may be better while walking a crowded sidewalk, keeping riddum while avoiding the cracks. Holding your foot from touching the nexxxt step just yet, as the riddum just switched Whatever, either way, it's a damn fine groover, with most of the beats played out live and then re-mashed using mice and knobs, with a lot of oh-so-dear-to-my-heart nasty, acrid squelch. le messie is here to make you fucking feel it. One other thing that must be mentioned is the beautiful packaging created by German artist Flying Fortress. Very yummy, that bear and his honey. Sweetums.

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Beautiful site!
These kids have got it going on! I was there two days ago, thinking about hitting them up for some C12 mojo, but it looks like you were already on top of that. I am in absolute love with their images and mascots, and I pray that they put their prints up for sale, because those shits is top of the shits pile.
Can't wait to hear the tunes....

Posted by: Adam at July 23, 2004 5:38 PM
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