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July 20, 2004

{     OH Mikey!     }    

Meet the Fuccon family- James, Barbara and little Mikey- the stars of the popular Japanese drama OH Mikey! Originally broadcast as one of many shorts on variety show Vermillion Pleasure Night, OH Mikey! eventually broke out on its own, and has since spawned 5 volumes of collected episodes on DVD. The premise is fairly simple- a typical American family is transplanted to Japan and finds themselves struggling to fit in as they meet the challenges of an unfamiliar culture while also struggling with the roadblocks of everyday family life. What's so compelling about that, you ask? Well, the Fuccon family is a little different, definitely not your average television family. In fact, the entire cast of OH Mikey! is a little different from what you're probably used to. They are all lifeless mannequins. I'm not going to try and explain why this works, or how goddamn funny it is- you're just going to have to see it for yourself. Thankfully, the DVD releases have been subtitled in English, so none of the delicate soap-opera-like plot is left unrevealed. There are love affairs, bad cooking, betrayal and deceit. There are touching moments as well- such as Mikey's first true love, and some heartfelt conversation between mother and son while gardening in the yard. It will give you that Wonder Years/Leave It To Beaver meets Days of Our Lives feeling that you've been missing. The only real bite in the ass when it comes to OH Mikey! is that the DVD releases are only available with Region 2 coding, making them unplayable on US components. There are shortcuts around this- the most obvious being the purchase of a region-free player. I've opted to use my Playstation 2, several companies offer software packages that allow region-free access in addition to all the usual code-busting video game enhancements and cheat code madness. These usually run between 20-40 bucks, but it beats buying a new player. The other option is to seek this out online. Now I'm not advocating video piracy here kids- I strongly suggest you go out and spend hundreds of dollars to modify or replace your existing DVD hardware, then meticulously import each volume on DVD for another small fortune. It's just the right thing to do. But it's probably only fair to warn you that some unscrupulous individuals have made it available for free on the internet, so make sure you don't get suckered into downloading it illegally. offers 4 of the DVD volumes as well as several compilation discs featuring OH Mikey! and other Vermillion Pleasure Night sketches. (They also sell Hello Kitty vibrators and Asian porn by the truckload, but that's a review unto its own.)

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Posted by: Betsy Markum at February 26, 2006 7:43 AM
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