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July 3, 2004

{     Shag Beach Towels     }    

Just in time to make your swingin' summer the absolute coolest, Bed Bath & friggin' Beyond has introduced exclusive beach towels from everyone's favorite ultra-loungin' artist, forever suave S-h-a-g. That's right daddy-o's, hop in the mini-van and turn left by Applebee's, 'cause you're takin' your ass to the strip mall to get yourself a Shag beach towel! Super-duper soft and 34" x 64" big, these bright 100% cotton beauties will look great, feel great, and make you stand out from the crowd when you're drying by the edge of the surf. There's two to pick from, but smart kids will get "Dance Beat" for themselves, and buy "Monkey Lounge" as an extra, just in case some beautiful beach honey comes over to admire your tiki mug. You can order them online as well, just in case you get the quivers even thinking of going into a BB&B, and the best part is, they're only $14.99...

     » Order them at Bed Bath & *shiver* Beyond
     » Official Shag site


The proliferation of Shag's artwork has caused me great joy- though it's always weird when the person whose t-shirt, cigarette case or handbag (and now beach towel) I am admiring has no idea who Shag is. I guess when you whip out images that universally cool, it's just bound to happen.

Posted by: Adam at July 6, 2004 4:34 PM

Looks like we're going to have to brave the "physical" store, because the online retailer is sold out of Monkey Lounge! No doubt the massive influx of loyal Crown Dozen readers scooping up this hot item has led to a shortage.

Time for me to put on my greasiest, smelliest, full-of-holes wifebeater and Stars and Stripes boxer shorts combo to head on over to BB&B. They love it when I take advantage of their free samples, and leave my "exfoliated" leftovers in the complimentary sink.

Posted by: Adam at July 6, 2004 5:52 PM

wait a minute... do we even have a bb&b around here?? if so, where is it??? i know nothing of this and while this store may make you um... shiver, i for one, am totally down with teflon and bedsheets... somebody give me the address....

Posted by: stace at July 7, 2004 1:07 AM

Perhaps I have confused it with one of the many other purveyors of over-priced potions and lotions. I was pretty sure that there is one in the Charleston Town Center, but with all the travelling I've done to Cincinnatti lately, I may have transposed some mall architecture from one locale to another, unwittingly.

Posted by: Adam at July 7, 2004 5:58 PM
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