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July 1, 2004

{     Hint Hint - Young Days     }    

In the "post-everything" era, Hint Hint serve up something refreshing and sincere with Young Days, their first full-length. They accomplish the near-impossible task of sounding melancholy yet energetic- the dark moods and themes of the album are infused with active beats and melodies, never falling into mopiness or apathy. Vocalist Peter Quirk's delivery stands out as both imploring and accusatory, full of an ire and paranoia that allows him to express an extremely complex and layered range of thought and emotion. The lyrics match that level of complexity, seemingly an abstracted slice of life reflected upon from a perspective informed by hindsight won through tragic mistakes. It's bitter, but none too sweet, preferring to rage instead of pouting, to scream instead of crying. If this album were a break-up, it would be the good kind that still sort of hurts, but you know you're doing the right thing, even though you're a little bit mad about the way it went down. Though they are certainly more than a product of their influences, it's nice to see someone carrying the torch of dark, post-punk dance-rock first kindled by bands like The Fall, Public Image Ltd. and My Bloody Valentine. Much to their credit, Hint Hint does it without falling prey to melodrama, keeping things intense but relevant. Young Days is out on Suicide Squeeze records.

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Nothing important to say, just wanted to chime in that I dig this disc quite a bit...

Posted by: Shane at July 6, 2004 8:13 PM
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