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June 25, 2004

{     Pleasure Plus Condoms     }    

Trust me, I'm as surprised to be writing this as you are to be reading it. We've all heard the "Ribbed for her pleasure" claims, and the "As sensitive as wearing no condom at all" hype for years now. If you've bothered to experiment with different condom styles, you know that the difference between them is minimal, if there's any difference at all- despite the boastful advertising and wacky design concepts. Forget all that bullshit. This is the real deal. Pleasure Plus uses a unique "baggy" design at the condom's tip to give you some extra love-rubbin'. This results in a sensation that is as pleasurable as it is unique- feeling a bit like a combination between riding bareback and a tickly humjob, all focused on the sensitive underside of your man-thing. As an added bonus- the bunched up latex pushes your partner's love-button with every thrust, so you're both feeling it on another level. The loose and baggy tip may have your Archie looking more like Jughead, but don't be put off by the strange appearance these jimmy-hats lend. The proof is in the pudding. Also, the 12-pack comes exquisitely packaged in a sleek brushed-aluminum hardcase that keeps them from getting flattened, worn-out and torn in your wallet or back pocket. Let me break their performance down for you in bad British slang- These gloves for your gulliver lend punching the donkey a bad name! Give the misses what-for with your next round of the old in-out! Or how about in fighting game terms- Pleasure Plus will power you up to put the Finishing Move back into your Super Love 12-hit Combo String! However you choose to say it, they work. But don't take my word for it- get out there and test-drive them for yourself.

     » Buy Pleasure Plus from Condom Country (free lube w/ every order!)
     » Read all about them on the Pleasure Plus homepage


heheheheh, of course when i feel really awful, i can just see this yesterday and automatically smile... the slang killed me though i didn't really understand any of it really, of course shane knows exactly what you're saying, wtf??? but that's okay, sounds like fun to me!!!

Posted by: stace at June 28, 2004 10:16 PM

When I hear the word "bareback" I get this incredible mental image that has nothing to do with the actual act.

What I see is this: a man, naked but for a tiny cowboy hat, a set of spurs, and a gun belt. He is sitting on the pimpled ass of a plus sized woman, obviously enjoying himself. "Yeehaw!" he shouts exuberantly past the large drop of drool that perpetually dots his chin while digging his spurs into the woman's chubby thighs. The woman, dressed only in a set of reigns tucked between her gapped and yellowed teeth, carries her burden with the simple joy of someone too stupid to know any better. Her massive teats droop pendulously to the floor, and are rubbed red and raw from dragging on the ground. Sometimes her hair is done up in a messy beehive, and sometimes it is merely a twisted mess.

Yeah, now _that_ sounds like fun!

Posted by: benjamin at June 29, 2004 1:24 AM
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