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June 14, 2004

{     Rocketbuster Boots     }    

As a little buckaroo I never owned a cowboy hat and playing cowboys and indians never was my game, but in the backwoods of Kentucky I rode on a horse as often as I rode in a car and when I played outside, I had miles of woods to call my own. I was a city boy at heart, raised in the sticks, and when I slipped on my shoes on my way out to play, I never wore anything but a pair of beat up Chucks. Now some twenty years later, if you look in the back of my closet you'll find a ratty old pair of used cowboy boots that I bought at Goodwill ages ago, still waiting for their first step outside my front door, ready to kick some shit down at any okay coral I can find my way into. Thing is, cowboy boots can only be worn by certain people, just the same as a biker jacket only looks right on some, and a blingin' chain would just look silly rocked by your mom. I am not that certain people. Cowboy boots look straight up dumb on me, and I know this… …but you bet your sweet ass I would rock a pair of Rocketbusters every damn weekday and Sunday, only letting 'em cool on Saturday so I can rub oil into their grooves and shine 'em up for Sunday. Rocketbuster is a lil' company in El Paso that makes some of the most beautiful, unique, and meticulously well-crafted cowboy boots known to man. With only a crew of 6, Rocketbuster turns out around 500 pairs of boots a year, each costing from hundreds to thousands of dollars (but averaging around $900). Each boot is completely unique, made by hand in classic traditions, whether you choose a pair from their catalogue of over 100 designs or if you drop some serious cash like a ton of richie-rich celebs like Billy-Bob and Tom Petty have already, and get your own ideas worked into a completely custom set of shit-kickers. The company has a rich and unique history, entertainingly told on their site (full of great pics and totally worth the read), and although I'll probably never own a single stitch these folks stick, their work is so unique, and so completely breathtaking, that it would be an absolute shame for me to not bring it to your attention. So please, take the time to check 'em out, and if you've got the money laying around (yeah, right), or if you would ever decide to buy one pair of cowboy boots that will last longer than you will, Rocketbuster is where you need to go.

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Wow...I checked out the site and those cowboy boots are AMAZING! I wish I could afford a pair, I especially love the "Day of The Dead" and the tall black ones with flowers.... maybe when I hit lotto lol.

Posted by: Jenn at August 17, 2005 8:44 PM

I am a buyer for a very great company in DesMoines, Iowa called Sticks. We have our own galleries and also wholesale our handmade furniture products across the country. I would love to carry your cool boots in our new gallery that is opening in April here in West DesMoines. Can you please let me know how I can place an order. Our website is to see what our sticks product looks like. Of course we also sell great craft pieces from other artists across the country. We are a high end gallery.

Posted by: jane bassman at January 19, 2006 5:40 PM
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