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June 7, 2004

{     GUM 2     }    

Holeeee Sheeeeeit. When this little chunk of graphic design goodness arrived in the post I picked up the heavier than expected package and as I slowly began to open 'er up, I got my first peek at the cover and quickly realized just how impressive an item I was about to unveil. The box for this, the second "issue" of GUM, rattled when tilted from side to side, but it was supposed to just be a magazine. It was thick like a brick, but was supposed to just be a magazine. It was heavy and dense, not unlike picking up a very-much-asleep puppy, but yet again, it was just supposed to be a magazine. Well, after I first saw that cover I began my first understandings of what GUM was, or rather what it wasn't. What I realized was that GUM is not just a magazine, not at all. Very far from it. GUM is an experience. It's a curiosity. It's a friggin' accomplishment. It's a tight little box of love, crafted by the hands of masters whom bleed thick blue creativity from each papercut suffered. It's a solid little chunk'a, chunk'a absolutely shit-hot design, all precision cut and stuffed to the brim with bonuses and goodies, leaving room for little more than astonishment. Listen people, before I go any further and go at it with length, just know now that if you love design and if you're the kind of guy or gal that many of the things you have found most beatuiful lately have been made of paper, then I kid you not, get out the plastic this very second and go buy this ish' before they're all goners. For real. That said, here's a quick list of what you're gonna get: A thicker than most books 'magazine' jammed to the fill with top-notch writing, design, and art; all so good and good-looking that you'll wish you had one to read and carry around with you for a few days, getting ragged and well-browsed, and one to leave on the coffee table so that your friends can get pink with envy. Ahhh, sweet envy. Oh yeah, the list. You'll also get an activity book with tons of cute little games and novelties to keep you occupied while you're trying to wrap your head around the fact that you also just got a near 200-page book, a near 50-page activity mag, and a set of 9 oversized baseball cards, all in a mini-cereal box that has a dispenser in the bottom for the included gumballs. What's that? Oh, the baseball cards? Yeah, there's a bunch of ballcards that are bigger than postcards in there too, designed by people you love like Dalek. What's in the book/mag? How about Cornelius, MK12, Nancy Sinatra, Interpol, RJD2, Ray Bradbury, and a buncha' buncha' more, plus a bunch of original stories and articles from various good writer-type people. Still not enough, you filthy, greedy, material-loving, chic-humping consumer (it's okay, I think I'm one too)? How about a viewmaster reel and a pack of Puma gummy, um, pumas? Yup. Seriously, it's worth every single penny. Mind-numbingly beautiful, thoroughly enjoyable, and it's a good read too! Buy, buy, buy!

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I have the first one. I love it. I tcame with so many goodies and was packaged like trading cards. Gum stains and all. It actually came with a stick of gum .. baseball card style ... rock hard and it lost its flavor in seconds.

Posted by: Gary at June 8, 2004 4:24 PM
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