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June 2, 2004

{     Unframed Magazine     }    

Collectively, we're at a stage in our cultural development unlike any other. We've left the ironic 90's behind and are (to some degree) experiencing a moment of sincere aesthetic appreciation. Fine Art, a creature long the captive of the culturally elite, is no longer confined to the gallery and it bleeds over onto the street, into our lives and back into the hands of the people. Unframed is a chronicling of that occurence, an encapsulization of artists and artwork that have found an audience despite not having traveled the established routes to recognition and appreciation. 8 artists are given 10 pages each, and may fill them as they see fit. Some use the format to create a kind of art that can only exist on the page, while others use their space to showcase paintings, drawings, photos and sketches that might have found no other venue. What results is not quite a gallery book and not quite an art magazine, but a mixture of the two- and in many ways- an entirely new medium. Here's the roster for issue one, available now- Mike Giant, Albert Reyes, Ron English, Dora Drimalas, Dave Schubert, Jordan Isip, Denis Kennedy and Stash. It's hard to really call it a "magazine". Issue 1 is more of a book, or booklet, the size of a travel guide to someplace you've never been. It's also priced under 6 bucks, and you'll wonder how such a slick piece of work can cost so little, though I imagine it has a lot to do with curator/publisher Hybrid Design's desire to keep the work accessible. Also in the interests of accessibility are the corresponding gallery shows that take place each issue, giving the artists a more traditional space in which to be seen. Photos from the gallery shows can be seen on the Unframed website, and the whole endeavor allows you to experience just that much more of what these artists are capable of. Issue 2 is being compiled as we speak and will include- Rich Jacobs, Jeremy Fish, Ricky Powell, Colin Miller, Cynthia Connelly, Mr. Jago, Nathan Crane and Brian Flynn.

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Sorry, but what is kimerikas?


Posted by: sweeta-pr at March 27, 2008 7:38 AM

Sorry, but what is kimerikas?


Posted by: sweeta-pr at March 27, 2008 7:39 AM
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