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May 23, 2004

{     Red Dead Revolver (PS2)     }    

So I popped the disc for Red Dead Revolver in my getting-a-little-dusty PS2 the other day, awaiting my latest immenent addiction to that damn near trademarked Rockstar Games skull-poppin', leg-snappin' violence that all we blood lovin', road ragin' little boys have come to love, only this time with a western twist. Instead of stealing cars, I was gonna be spurrin' horses, and instead of mowing down streets full of Janes and Joes with full clips to the tune of the Pointer Sisters, I was going to be emptying a six-shooter into the foreheads of dag-nasty no-gooders in the dust, 'round front the General Store with nothing but the crows and the whistle of a lonely plains tune floating in on the breeze. And that's just about damn straight what I got. I won't lie to you, the controls are strange, the action very linear, and the blood flows lightly, but the idea is novel, the play is fun, and the vibe is Clint-tastic. Although I can already tell you that unlike other Rockstar gems, I'm gonna beat Red Dead and be finished with it for good (meaning NO replay value, although I haven't played the deathmatch style bonus jive), that in no way means you shouldn't get your hands on it and give it a crack. It's definately worth playing if you dig Westerns, first person shooters, and thin stories, as the game truly is something different than anything you've tried before. Let me put it this way: the game is like a new guilty-pleasure pop track. It's fresh, new, and fun to play, but by the time you're telling everybody you kinda dig it, you'll already have kinda moved on... Buy it, play it, beat it, and sell it on eBay.

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Just in time for the special edition of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! Nothing will make you want to shoot a man more than a good Sergio Leone/Eastwood spaghetti western.
I'm just glad Rockstar hasn't dropped the ball in bringing the level of violence and entertainment that I (as an adult gamer) have come to expect from them.
In an industry flooded with games that are either too concerned with keeping it safe for the kids, or too ready to serve up blood, guts and sex with no fun attached- Rockstar have consistently delivered something unique; a solid gaming experience with mature themes.
If we had a few more game developers out there who were willing to bring it like this, I might never leave the house.

Posted by: Adam at May 24, 2004 5:00 PM
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