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May 16, 2004

{     UPSO Poster (004)     }    

Hey yall, those cuddly bears at the Drama have just released another fine, fine print /slash/ poster designed by none other than that neon jive turkey Dustin Amery Hostetler, aka UPSO. It's a fresh print, depicting his regular characters, his hands, playing with a bunch of colors (okay, they're really called those little graphic design print color wheel dot things) and contrary to what seems everyone must do these days, there's not a single word on it anywhere. No text at all! It's completely exclusive to the Drama online store, is the fourth release in a series of increasingly beautiful posters, is quality printed on a 16x24 chunk of archival paper, is twenty dollars cheap, and is limited edition (so buy it now yo). Damn, this thing is going to look good framed.

     » Buy it at the Drama Store


hey, thats me!

Posted by: upso at May 18, 2004 4:44 AM

It looks like Drama's online store is going through a little image remodeling, I had a hard time finding this print at first. For the curious- once you've clicked on the link, select "art" from the list at the top, then "The Drama Poster Series" should be the first big pink box in the top left hand corner. Click through to see the UPSO print and a really excellent photo poster from Bob Kronbauer of Crownfarmer fame, and two sold out earlier prints.
After seeing the detail in the UPSO poster on the store-site, I know where my next $20 is going.

Posted by: Adam at May 26, 2004 7:25 PM
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