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May 5, 2004

{     Kids In The Hall - Season 1 DVD Box Set     }    

kith.jpg You know the deal. You innocently happen upon a box set of your favorite show. Upon grabbing it off the shelf, your delight becomes tinged with fear as the ludicrous running time of the 80 episodes stare you dead in the face. Fast forward to the next day as what was once a mildly-passive association with the television has mutated into a full-on unbalanced, unrelenting technicolor obsession. Its 8PM and you haven't stopped watching from the night before when you unwrapped the motherfucker. You're still in your underwear, you smell like cornchips, and there's some kind of gelatinous funk growing between you and the sofa you slept on last night. The hours fly by in an increasingly quicker succession as you talk yourself into one more episode. TV on DVD boxsets have become the "physical challenge" of the home entertainment world, that's word to my man Marc Summers. Your life only continues after the once-unconquerable DVD's have finally been defeated, accept this fate as it is your destiny. Now on to the review. From the "no brainer" department here at, we bring you the season 1 box set of the Kids in the Hall, one of the most beloved and influential sketch comedy shows of all time. 4 DVDs, 20 shows, 2 best-of reels, cast commentaries, and slew of other shit that guarantees your pale ass isn't going outside for a few days. Timeless, infinitely quotable, and still the only show on tv with a gay man that doesn't somehow involve AIDS, makeovers, or techno music, these uncensored DVDs capture the troupe at their most raw and energetic. Previously only available at Comedy Central's website, you can now get these just about anywhere for about 40 bucks. Reviewing these shows would be like trying to tell you how fun an orgasm is. We all know how good this shit is so go buy it already. You didn't need a social life anyway.

     » The Official Kids in the Hall website


it's so true. I've tried to piece together a collection of the rhino vhs'in the past but have been unfullfilled. It's a dream come true that i stumbled onto this set. unfortunatley work happens so i'm forced to bring a portable dvd player to work with me and i try and get as many episodes in on my lunch break. They better hurry up the rest of the seasons, it's been years sinse i've seen gavin eat the goldfish

Posted by: paul at May 5, 2004 10:23 AM

I used to have this shitty dub from a Comdey Central marathon that had four and a half hours of Kids in the Hall on it (before breaking into the censored for TV version of Booty Call- bleah!)and we watched that motherfucker until it broke.
With this boxed set, I'm like a pig in shit.

Posted by: Adam at May 5, 2004 5:10 PM

I'm hoping this isn't one of those instances where one season is released and the rest are left to float in limbo. Watching this shit took me back to junior high. I'm still waiting for the return of the Pit of Ultimate Darkness as well as my man Bruno Puntz Jones.

Posted by: Eric at May 5, 2004 6:37 PM

I'm left wondering about Tony.
Where he is...
What he's doing...
Whether he's thinking of me...

Seriously, I feel you on the whole "First Season Only" release thing. I'm in a hellish limbo waiting for the second season of Twin Peaks to come out, much less a decent copy of the pilot episode on DVD. I have the VHS, but even though they are first-run copies straight from the manufacturer, they are spotty, staticy and shitty. You'd think there'd be a big enough push to get the 2nd season out, but maybe David Lynch's fall from Hollywood grace has had more impact than I first suspected....

Posted by: Adam at May 5, 2004 7:24 PM

Twin Peaks is exactly what I had in mind. Most of those VHS tapes are recorded in LP mode so they look sub-par anway, let alone ten years after the manufacturing date. I don't know why there isn't more of push for the other two seasons, everybody I know owns the first set. Evidently, the whole series is available in Europe, just no region 1. I actually went so far as to download them all... good quality if you don't mind having swedish subtitles at the bottom.
I remember hearing a few years ago that there was talk of another Twin Peaks movie and the season 1 release was a way for the studio to test out its potential audience. I never heard anything more about it though, and season 2 still has no release date. Who knows?

Posted by: Eric at May 5, 2004 8:01 PM
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