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May 3, 2004

{     Local Celebrity t-shirts     }    

Local Celebrity gets it right. This ain't for no Abercrombie Zombies- these t-shirt designs are a bit left of the mainstream center and are certain to inspire double and triple takes by passers-by and soon-to-be-girlfriends alike. Phrases such as "I'm in the house like furniture" and "L.A. Gear Where are you?" are matched up with some suitably amazing clip-art and served up on so-soft jersey cotton for a worn vintage look. My personal favorite? It came down to "Black Belt" (above), the O.G. Local Celebrity logo and the eventual winner- "Handle Bar Moustaches - Fun For the Whole Family" They've just released a fresh batch of designs, so make sure to check out the site and pick up a couple favorites of your own. Local Celebrity is packing heat for the gals as well as the guys- they even keeps things fresh by taking design submissions, so if you've got some kitschy clip art lying around and a back pocket full of catchy-as-hell slogans, bust them out and maybe you'll get lucky. Every tee is priced under 20 bucks, and if you order 3 or more they will take care of the shipping cost for you.

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who's pete sake and get your learn on are two of my favorites. It's a shame and an honor that not everybody can find the fun in these threads.

Posted by: paul at May 3, 2004 4:03 AM
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