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April 29, 2004

{     Attaboy's Axtrx     }    

This little guy is nubbed for everyone's pleasure. YumFactory denizen and designer Attaboy has finally started cranking out some original toys and Axtrx is the first. With four interchangeable mouth parts (ala Mr. Potato Head) Axtrx is able to express a range of emotions. I've summed them up thusly- "Me eat you and you and you." "Me am fetal Chthonic being from beyond time." "Me no understand." and "Me am caught in existential dilemma of taking responsibility for one's life and giving in to the inherent nihilism that surrounds me." (pictured above) In addition to the four mouths he also comes packaged in one of the most elaborately decorated die-cut display boxes I've ever seen. The purpose of every nub is described. Also, look for a special Limited Edition Heat Seeking Axtrx color variant, coming soon. I was so in awe of Axtrx that I contacted Attaboy and will be forcing him to explain his creation, his art and his past-life as a designer for a major toy company in an upcoming interview on Crown Dozen. Keep you eyes peeled and your nubs tingling.

     » Buy Axtrx and/or other great Attaboy products at YumFactory


Things are drifting to the Highbrow, long haired, and The Academy when words like Cthonic and existensial start creeping into reviews... If I see epistemology I am going to run screaming to hide under the bed clothes and quake with fear of the oppressiive cult of old dead men from the 1950's.

Really great toy, but watch the ArtForum languauge, eh? Smart reveiwers are good, but Gagosian, well lets have a little more fun before it all gets that serious


Gotta have the toy! Too wonderful, but we love Attaboy for having seen all those aliens and making models of them for us!

Posted by: Lizzy at July 23, 2009 7:02 AM
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