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April 26, 2004

{     the Drama magazine     }    

Oh, you want to know about the Drama? Well, first you must know the Drama. In short, the Drama are a loose collective of artists, a primo swag filled online store, and a spiffy art and design magazine. In length, their website puts it best: "The Drama is a multimedia outlet experimenting in design, art, photography, writing, and culture... We, the members, are not professionals and we do not claim or even want to be. We simply hope to increase self-awareness and to reach as many people as possible with our work." I love that idea, and anytime I'm approached by someone preaching such word, they have my full attention. Founder Joel Speasmaker has grown the Drama from an idea, to a site, to a magazine, to a full online store featuring work from both within and outside their ranks. Only at issue number two, the Drama has made waves in the online design circles, for it's pro layout, fun interviews, creative art, and great bonus swag. The Drama is honest. They don't try to sound bigger than they are. They don't boast and sound drunk with ideas. They put out both quality and quantity, and by doing so have been recognized by increasingly bigger and bigger names... Which brings us to the store, featuring original art, underground books, killer t-shirts, hard-to-find magazines, and much more, and staffed by some really nice folk. So go grab a copy of the Drama mag, it's only $5 and the new ish comes with a limited edition EP recorded by Sirens, stickers, and more. Hell, why you're ordering you might as well grab a new poster from Bob Kronbauer of Crownfarmer or Chuck Anderson of nopattern, or a six-color lithograph hand-pulled by Travis Robertson, or, or, jesus, just go there!

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I'm impressed. They have some great shit for sale, and I can't believe how reasonable the pricing is. Most people would put you through the wringer for prints like that, and most of the stuff on Drama is under 10 clams! Very nice dreamy stuff, I'm thinking that I shouldn't wait to order the magazine, they may sell out.
Plus, they're hooked up with Action Driver Records, old friends of mine (sort of) and it looks like they have most of the AD discography for sale. I heartily reccomend anything by Puerto Muerto.

Posted by: Adam at April 27, 2004 1:11 AM

These are the nicest words, and I can't thank you enough. I'm really glad people are getting into what we are doing, the future looks to be very promising!

Posted by: Joel Speasmaker at May 3, 2004 4:09 AM
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