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April 26, 2004

{     Sin for Sale t-shirts     }    

Here's the thing, we all like to wear the t-shirts that are gonna get the double-takes. It's true, or else we would all wear plain white or plain black t's all the time. It's true, you know it. Now when it comes to the shirts with funny little slogans or slightly offensive phrases, we all know that shit is for people that drive a rusty piece of scrap to Walmart so they can blow their scratch-off winnings on bibles and stone-wash jeans. If it's not those dudes, then it's the kids that like to rebel against their parents by wearing ratty dog collars and lots of mascara to junior high. Ugh. So, that brings me to why there's that picture of a chick's ass up there that got you reading so quick-like. She's wearing Sin for Sale hot shorts, and Sin for Sale is a clothing brand established in June 2003 by Tom Kracht, and based in sunny Southern California. The shirts feature primo design, and while sleazy enough for a titty-bar bouncer, still fall on the good side of the line when it comes to the greasy jeans and faded black t-shirt crowd. Fine for the dive bar, but not at all okay for the coffeeshop, Sin for Sale give us quality rags for the Miller High-Life types. Sure to get a few gasps from the grannies, but not at all cheesy like a "I'm so macho my sperm smoke Marlboro" tee. And I must mention real fast that the Sin for Sale site is so damn nice, it's worth a visit for the design alone.

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Cheeky monkey! As usual, this shit looks great on a size 3 model with bloated milk bladders but they ain't pimpin' to the fat man. They do offer a nice beanie that should fit my swollen melon though, and I am really enamored of their Old West typeface. Site looks damn good, and that font is yummy yummy.

Posted by: Adam at April 27, 2004 1:15 AM
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