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April 25, 2004

{     Stacy DVD     }    

oh my god, when i found out that there was a horror film simply titled "stacy" i absolutely had to have it... today it came in the mail and i had to watch it immediately... not only is it a horror flick, but it's a japanese horror flick about hot zombie school girls... interested yet??? here's the lowdown... several years ago young girls ages 15-17 began dying for no reason around the world... right before they die, they experience a phenomenon called ndh or near death happiness where they get giddy, laugh all the time and become covered with a substance known as btd (butterfly twinkle dust of course)... upon dying, they reawaken within minutes as flesh eating zombies who the public have decided to call stacies, named for the first girl this was known to happen to... families are urged to kill their daughters before they die and turn into a stacy and all of this madness has left parts of the world at war, famine and severe declination of populations.... a mad scientist has been collecting the stacies and performing experiments on them trying to figure out what has caused this strange outbreak and how to stop it... he figures out that the best way to "repeat kill" as they call it, a stacy, is to chop her body up into exactly 165 pieces... the japanese government has implemented a team called the romero repeat kill squad, (yeah, that's what i said) to dispose of the girls once they have turned into stacies... oh, but it gets better... the tool of choice to "repeat kill" a stacy is advertised on an infomercial- it's just a chainsaw, but the name of the handy device is bruce campbell's right hand 2-( yeah, i said that too)- and it comes in a variety of styles and colors- my favorite- purple with blue polka dots AND it has the name bruce campbell's right arm 2 embossed right on the blade... this movie is 3 years old... why has no one told me about his film before??? this was some serious low budget filmmaking, but the gore was superb, i mean fascinating- some of the best i've seen- naoyuki tomomatsu has paid homage to many of the great horror films with this flick and has made me proud to have the name "stacy"... once you watch the dvd, you'll find that it's really a movie about love, no really- it's um... sad... regardless, you'll be laughing your ass off before you even watch the movie just by reading the case- "WARNING! this film contains scenes with chainsaws, graphic gore, extreme violence and girls in bunny outfits..." (yeah, that's what it says)... all of this sounds insane, and really it is, and sometimes you have no idea what's going on- but it doesn't matter... anyone who hasn't seen it and wants to borrow it, be my guest- apparently it's an asian cult classic already... again, why didn't anyone tell me??? Contributed by: Stacy Broce

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forgot to mention, there's a group of 3 sixteen year old girls who run an illegal repeat kill business to kill your daughter before the romero repeat kill squad can get to them because they feel it's not as brutal as the government operation and they profit from their killings- they're called the drews because they're obsessed with their idol, drew barrymore... 16 years old i said... sounds like their ndh is about to come, but you'll just have to watch and see...

Posted by: stace at April 25, 2004 8:41 PM

Let me tell you each and every one that the scariest thing in this movie is the high-pitched-japanese-schoolgirl-giggle-fest-cotton-candy-terror-laughter. I'm serious. The gore is fanfuckingtastic, and seriously well done for the budget these folks had, but the scariest thing in the whole movie is all the weiro NDH laughter. Seriously, shivers.

Posted by: Shane at April 25, 2004 9:32 PM

Damn! I saw an ad for this once, but never followed through with checking it out. I'm sold, so y'all best be lettin' me borrow that shit. If you haven't seen Versus yet, we should swap out. It's on the Japanese zombie-horror/humor tip too, though it sounds a lot more serious and convoluted than Stacy.
What I need to see, and if you haven't seen it yet you do as well, is Battle Royale. Anybody got the hook-up?

Posted by: Adam at April 25, 2004 10:30 PM
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